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Ilexonin a promoted euglobulin lysis and inhibited platelets aggregations of guinea pig’s plasma

Gui-de LIU, Zhi-jun HU, Chun-ning ZHONG


Ilexonin A was injected ip to guinea pigs. After 30 min blood was collected from common carotid artery with 3.8% sodium citrate as anticoagulant. The plasma was taken to determine euglobulin lysis time (ELT). In siliconated tubes platelets rich/poor plasma(PRP/PPP) were differentiately obtained after 1000/3000 rpm.
The ELT of normal saline control group and ilexonin A group were 13±0 and 0±0 min, respectively; the fibrinolysin units were 769 and>10,000 U, respectively (p<0.05). The platelets aggregation curves were decreased 107±36 and 28±18mm, respectively. Inhibition coeffitient of ilexonin A to platelets aggregations=74%(p<0.01) Ilexonin A strongly increased fibrinolysin activties and showed significant anti-aggregation actions for paltelets. Ilexonin A can probably be used to treat red and white thrombi.

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