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Effects of 4 convulsants and their anticonvulsants on GABA and glutamic acid contents in cerebellum of rats the rat cerebellum

Yun-fang REN, Dao-shan JIN, Ting-chong ZHOU


With paper electrophoresis and spectrophotometric method we studied simultaneously the effects of 4 convulsants and 3 anticonvulsants on GABA and Glu contents in the cerebellum of rats. The GABA contents were decreased by isoniazid, but were not affected by soman, IPTBO, picrotoxin, clonazepam and diazepam. At appropriate doses clonazepam completely blocked the seizures induced by IPTBO, picrotoxin and isoniazid. Diazepam reduced soman convulsion. Aminooxyacetic acid reduced soman and isoniazid convulsion. It increased the GABA content significantly. All of them did not affect Glu contents.

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