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Analgesic, antispastic and sedative effects of skimmianine

Zhi-qing Chang, Shu-ling Wang, Chang-yuan Hao, Feng Liu, Chun-fu Bian, Jin-ming Chen


The ip LD50 of skimmianine (isolated from the root of Zanthoxylum simulans Hance) was 470±47 mg/kg, ip median analgesic dose (ED50) was 134±10 mg/kg, and po ED50 was 269±45 mg/kg in mice with hot-plate method. The sc LD50 was 541±136 mg/kg and sc ED50 were 87±20 mg/kg with mouse HAc-writhing method.
The hot plate and HAc-writhing test in mice and the K+-permeated test in rabbits showed that the skmmianine had a marked strong analgesic action and inhibited the spasm of isolated ileum and duodenum of rabbits and rats induced by ACh or BaCl2.
A gradual EEG change from low voltage rapid wave to high voltage slow wave was observed on rabbits after ip skimmianine 20 mg/kg, more marked after 40 mg/kg.
After ip skimmianine 30 mg/kg qd×7 d in rabbits, the blood picture, liver function, kidney function and daily ECG showed no significant variation except BUN. Morphologic observations of the heart, liver, kidneys, brain and lungs showed congestive capillaries of alveolar walls and gall bladder epithelial hyperplasia. No other changes in these organs were seen. In mice, morphologic changes did not occur in all these tissues except in those of a few of the mice that had been treated with the largest dose of skimmianine (215 mg/kg).

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