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Analysis on exfoliated cells in human semen after oral administrations of gossypol acetic acid

Qi-xian Shi, Jin-xian Qiu, Guo-yi Zhang


The sperm count and motility gradually decreased in 75 healthy men given po daily 20 mg gossypol acetic acid. The effect became apparent within 50-70 day. A virtual azoospermia attained in about 90 day. The exfoliated cells were spermatids (45.3%), a mixture of spermatids and spermatocytes (34.0%), sperms (16.9%, including abnormal sperms) and spermatocytes (3.8%). The sequence on exfoliation of immature cells of the germinal line was: spermatid-spermatocyte-spermatogonium.
After a maintenance dose of 40 mg/week for 4-24 months, the cells in the semen from 42 men were spermatocytes (33.3%), spermatids (28.7%) and a mixture of spermatocytes and spermatogonia (38.0%).
In 13 men after a continuous medication for 10-24 months, 8 showed spermatocytes, 4 spermatogonia and 1 a mixture of spermatocytes and spermatids. After cessation of the gossypol for 3 months spermatogenesis in 10 men was gradually restored, but was not restored to the original number and activity after withdrawal of gossypol for 12 months; while in 3 men out of 4 spermatogonia remained the same even after cessation of gossypol for 24 months. The above findings suggested that ability of restoration in sperm count and activity bore some relation to the spermatogonia damaged by gossypol.

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