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Effects of various antitumor agents on intracerebrally inoculated ehrlich ascites carcinoma in mice

Jin-xu Zhou, Geng-hua He, Li-xian Tao, Bin Xu


After intracerebral transplantation of more than 2*10(5) cells of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in mice, nearly all the mice got the tumor grown well in their brains and no regression was observed. The median lifespan (MLS) was 9+/-(SD) 2 d. We studied the effects of 47 antitumor drugs and 12 analogues on the carcinoma. Among them 3 nitrosourea derivatives (BCNU, CCNU, and MeCCNU) and procarbazine responded to the model of the cerebral tumor. Sarcolysin and its 3 derivatives (methoxysarcolysin, ocaphange and nitrocaphane) exhibited significant inhibition on the tumor. Among the anti-metabolic drugs, both 6-MP and its water soluble derivative tisupurine (AT-1438) injected ip exerted remarkable therapeutic effect on the tumor. Preliminary screening tests showed that a triazine derivative (AT-2052) possessed an inhibitory action on the tumor.

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