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Effect of harringtonine and its allied alkaloids on DNA synthesis in mice bearing leukemias P388, L615 and normal mice

Yu-ting Xu, Chong-zhi Du


The incorporation of [3H]TdR into DNA in mice bearing leukemias P388, L615 and in normal mice after ip or iv harringtonine, homoharringtonine, isoharringtonine and deoxyharringtonine were determined.
All the 4 alkaloids caused initial inhibitions of [3H]TdR incorporation in leukemic cells, cells of spleen, intestinal mucosa and bone marrow, but differed in rates and extents of inhibitions. The reduction of incorporation of [3H]TdR usually started at 30 min after a single ip or iv of these 4 alkaloids. Maximal inhibitions were observed in 1/2-4 h after ip or iv and recovered after 24 h. The effects of deoxyharringtonine and isoharringtonine on the DNA biosynthesis in leukemias L615 and P388 seem to be more significant than those of harringtonine and homoharringtonine. The extents of inhibition of incorporation of [3H]TdR in the cells of spleen and intestinal mucosa of normal mice caused by the alkaloids (except harringtonine) were similar to those in L615. But the inhibitory effects of the alkaloids on the biosynthesis of DNA in bone marrow of normal mice were greater than those of the leukemic mice.

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