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Effects of 10-hydroxycamptothecin on cAMP and cGMP levels in hepatoma and liver tissue of mice

Jin-long Yang, Jia-xian Han, Zu-ming Shen, Bin Xu


The cAMP and cGMP levels of tumor and normal liver tissue in mice bearing hepatoma were measured. The cAMP contents in hepatoma was lower than that of normal liver in mice. 10-hydroxycamptothecin (OPT) could induced an accumulation of cAMP in hepatoma at the ip dose of 10 mg/kg which produced an inhibition of tumor growth. But it did not elevate the cAMP contents in normal liver. The cAMP concentration was related to DNA contents in the hepatoma cells. 10-Hydroxycamptothecin injected ip to mice with hepatoma produced a remarkable inhibition on DNA contents and increased cAMP concentration in the tumor cells. Oxalysine, an antitumtor antibiotic and 8-Br-cAMP showed no effect on the cAMP levels in the hepatoma.
There was no difference between the levels of cGMP in the tumor and liver tissue. The cGMP contents of the hepatoma and liver tissue were not significantly changed when 10-hydroxycamptothecin was injected in mice bearing hepatoma. The ratio of cAMP/cGMP in hepatoma tissue was increased.

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