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Some toxicities of triptolide in mice and dogs

You-lan Cheng, Ju-rong Ye, Da-jie Lin, Lu-jie Lin, Jun-ning Zhu


Triptolide is one of the antileukemic principles isolated from Trypterygium wilfordii. The acute LD50 of triptolide in mice=0.8 mg/kg iv and 0.9 mg/kg ip.
Twelve dogs were given in 20, 40, 80 or 160 microg/kg daily for 7 days. The major target organs of toxicity were heart, liver and gitract. The lethal dose (160 microg/kg) depressed the hematopoietic system of bone marrow. Toxic doses low and toxic doses high were found to be 40 an 80 mirog/kg, respectively. The toxicities on heart, hematopoietic system and gi tract were reversible. No toxicity was found after 20 microg/kg. Delayed toxicity was absent in 6 weeks after withdrawal of triptolide.

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