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The schistosomicidal effect of bromo-acetoacetic ester compounds

Han-ying Yan, Ye-hao Yang, Shi-li Gui, Yan-qin Zhu, Zhong-qiang Yin, Li-zhuo Wang, Gu-sheng Zhang, Xie-ming Qian


Mice were injected with Schistosoma japonicum. Seventy bromo-acetoacetic esters were screened. They included aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic alcoholic and phenolic esters of bromoacetic acid. Among them, hydroxyl-cumarin derivatives of bromo-acetoacetic esters scored the highest % of hit, and all of the 15 compounds were effective. The other groups had different degrees of schistosomicidal effects. Their parasiticidal actions may be related to the bromo-acetoacetic group.

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