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Antidiuretic effect of ginsenosides of the stems and leaves of Panax ginseng

Ben-xiang Wang, Jing-chao Cui, Ai-jing Liu


The total ginsenosides of the stems and leaves of Panax ginseng caused a retention of water and Na,an increase of K excretion, and a decrease of the ratio of urinary Na/K in rats when given po 12g/kg or ip 126 mg/kg. The antiduuretic effect was dose-dependent. The retentive effect on Na and water were antagonized by po acetazolamide 250 mg/kg, dihydrochlorothiazide 20 mg/kg or antisterone 300 mg/kg. The antidiuretic effect of ginsenosides disappeared in the adrenalectomized rats,but hypophysectomy did not influence the DOCA-like action. The antidiuretic effect induced by DOCA 50 mg/kg was not enhanced by ginsenosides, while the antidiuretic effect of pituitrin was enhanced by the saponins. The above results are in favor of the hypothesis that the DOCA-like action of ginsenosides is the result of stimulating the release of mineralocorticoid.When mice were given po ginsenosides 50 g/kg, no death occurred. The ip LD50 was 0.67±0.06 g/kg in mice.

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