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Central sites for the muscle relaxation activity of midaflur

Zhen-tong Mei, Tian-cai Zhu


Midaflur is a potent, well absorbed, imidazoline derivative with central skeletal muscle relaxant and sedative properties in several species of animals. The present study on rabbits was undertaken to obtain further informations regarding the sites of central action of midaflur. The application of midaflur on cerebral cortex exerted no effect on the skeletal muscle tonus. When the drug was injected into the entire ventricular system or into the separate parts below aqueduct, the skeletal muscle tonus was reduced. If the injected solution was restricted to lateral ano III ventricles, there revealed no muscle relaxation in rabbits. It was suggested that the most effective sites for the muscle relaxation activity of midaflur were situated below the midbrain.

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