Cross-talk between calcium and reactive oxygen species signaling

Yuan Yan, Chao-liang Wei, Wan-rui Zhang, He-ping Cheng, Jie Liu


Calcium (Ca2+) and reactive oxygen species (ROS) constitute the most important intracellular signaling molecules participating in the regulation and integration of diverse cellular functions. Here we briefly review cross-talk between the two prominent signaling systems that finely tune the homeostasis and integrate functionality of Ca2+ and ROS in different types of cells. Ca2+ modulates ROS homeostasis by regulating ROS generation and annihilation mechanisms in both the mitochondria and the cytosol. Reciprocal redox regulation of Ca2+ homeostasis occurs in different physiological and pathological processes, by modulating components of the Ca2+ signaling toolkit and altering characteristics of local and global Ca2+ signals. Functionally, interactions between Ca2+ and ROS signaling systems can be both stimulatory and inhibitory, depending on the type of target proteins, the ROS species, the dose, duration of exposure, and the cell contexts. Such extensive and complex cross-talk might enhance signaling coordination and integration, whereas abnormalities in either system might propagate into the other system and undermine the stability of both systems.

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