Vol 27, No 7 (July 2006): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica(Special Issue on Calcium signaling)

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Calcium signaling in physiology and pathophysiology   Pages (767–772)
He-ping Cheng, Sheng Wei, Li-ping Wei, Alexei Verkhratsky


Glial calcium signaling in physiology and pathophysiology   Pages (773–780)
Alexei Verkhratsky
Ca2+ signaling during vertebrate somitogenesis   Pages (781-790)
Sarah E Webb, Andrew L Miller
Ca2+ sparks as a plastic signal for skeletal muscle health, aging, and dystrophy   Pages (791–798)
Noah Weisleder, Jian-jie Ma
Molecular basis of inherited calcium channelopathies: role of mutations in pore-forming subunits   Pages (799–812)
Lynn Mckeown, Philip Robinson, Owen T Jones
Store-operated calcium channels and pro-inflammatory signals   Pages (813–820)
Wei-chiao Chang
Cross-talk between calcium and reactive oxygen species signaling   Pages (821–826)
Yuan Yan, Chao-liang Wei, Wan-rui Zhang, He-ping Cheng, Jie Liu
Multiple mechanisms involved in oxytocin-induced modulation of myometrial contractility   Pages (827–832)
Anatoly Shmygol, Joanna Gullam, Andrew Blanks, Steven Thornton
Regulation of TRP-like muscarinic cation current in gastrointestinal smooth muscle with special reference to PLC/InsP3/Ca2+ system   Pages (833–842)
Alexander V Zholos
Cytosolic calcium oscillations in submandibular gland cells   Pages (843–847)
Li Su, Chun-yan Ma, Yan-dong Zhou, Yan-hong Jia, Zong-jie Cui

Original Article

Ca2+ sparks and Ca2+ glows in superior cervical ganglion neurons   Pages (848–852)
Li-jun Yao, Gang Wang, Kun-fu Ou-yang, Chao-liang Wei, Xian-hua Wang, Shi-rong Wang, Wei Yao, Hong-ping Huang, Jian-hong Luo, Cai-hong Wu, Jie Liu, Zhuan Zhou, He-ping Cheng
S-Nitrosoglutathione and glutathione act as NMDA receptor agonists in cultured hippocampal neurons   Pages (853–860)
Ting-yu Chin, Sheau-huei Chueh, Pao-luh Tao
Cellular mechanism for spontaneous calcium oscillations in astrocytes   Pages (861–868)
Tong-fei Wang, Chen Zhou, Ai-hui Tang, Shi-qiang Wang, Zhen Chai
MEK inhibitor PD98059 acutely inhibits synchronized spontaneous Ca2+ oscillations in cultured hippocampal networks   Pages (869–876)
Yan-fang Rui, Zhao-hui Sun, Jia-ping Gu, Zhong-hua Sheng, Xiang-ping He, Zuo-ping Xie
Effect of osmotic stress on spontaneous calcium sparks in rat ventricular myocytes   Pages (877–887)
Hong Xie, Pei-hong Zhu
Molecular nature of sulfhydryl modification by hydrogen peroxide on type 1 ryanodine receptor   Pages (888–894)
Hong-mei Han, Ri-sheng Wei, Anthony F Lai, Chang-cheng Yin
Role of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors in α1-adrenergic receptor-induced cardiomyocyte hypertrophy   Pages (895–900)
Da-li Luo, Jian Gao, Xiao-mei Lan, Gang Wang, Sheng Wei, Rui-ping Xiao, Qi-de Han
Developmental regulation of intracellular calcium transients during cardiomyocyte differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells   Pages (901–910)
Ji-dong Fu, Hui-mei Yu, Rong Wang, Ji Liang, Huang-tian Yang
Attenuation of mitochondrial, but not cytosolic, Ca2+ overload reduces myocardial injury induced by ischemia and reperfusion   Pages (911–918)
Chun-mei Cao, Wing-yee Yan, Jing Liu, Kenneth Wl Kam, Shi-zhong Zhan, James SK Sham, Tak-ming Wong
Insulin improves cardiomyocyte contractile function through enhancement of SERCA2a activity in simulated ischemia/reperfusion   Pages (919–926)
Jie Yu, Hai-feng Zhang, Feng Wu, Qiu-xia Li, Heng Ma, Wen-yi Guo, Hai-chang Wang, Feng Gao
Isoprenaline enhances local Ca2+ release in cardiac myocytes   Pages (927–932)
Jian-xin Shen
Characteristics of Ca2+-exocytosis coupling in isolated mouse pancreatic bold beta cells   Pages (933–938)
Qian Ge, Yong-ming Dong, Zhi-tao Hu, Zheng-xing Wu, Tao Xu
Localized Ca2+ uncaging induces Ca2+ release through IP3R in smooth muscle   Pages (939–944)
Min Wang, Zheng Chen, Yan Xing, Xu Zhang, Xian-zhi Dong, Guang-ju Ji
Residue Phe266 in S5-S6 loop is not critical for Charybdotoxin binding to Ca2+-activated K+ (mSlo1) channels   Pages (945–949)
Jing Yao, Hui Li, Ge-liang Gan, Ying Wu, Jiu-ping Ding
Network regulation of calcium signal in stomatal development   Pages (950–958)
Zhu-xia Shen, Gen-xuan Wang, Zhi-qiang Liu, Hao Zhang, Mu-qing Qiu, Xing-zheng Zhao, Yi Gan