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Hypotensive effect of dimethyl cycleanine bromide

Zhou Sun, Xing-yu Yang, Zhong-lin Dai, Guo-zhang Jin, Zhen-de Zhang


Cycleanine was islated from Stephania epigeae Lu. This paper reports its cardiovascular effects in dogs. In anesthetized dogs, intravenous injections of dimethyl cycleanine bromide (or iodide) at the dosage of 0.5-1.0 mg/kg produced a prompt fall of arterial blood pressure of about 70-110 mmHg. The decreased blood pressure gradually returned to its orginial levels in 30 min. Hypotension induced by cycleanine was accompanied by a bradycardia and a shallow but rapid respiration.The mechanism of hypotensive effect of cycleanine was studied. It was found that ganglionic transmission was inhibited obviously, the histamine release in arterial blood was increased and the cardiac output was decreased. These were suggested to be the mail causes of the hypotension. The acute LD50 by intraperitoneal injection in mice was 2.9(95% fiducial limits 2.4 and 3.1)mg/kg. In subacute toxic examination in rats, the blood picture serum GPT and serum NPN were not much changed after administration of cycleanine. The histological appearance did not show any pathological changes. The gain of body weight was retarded.

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