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Binding of 8 glycolate esters with muscarinic cholinergic receptor in mouse brain

Heng Xu, Wen-qiao Jin, Xing-lin Xia, Zhi-qiang Chi


Muscarinic cholinergic receptor binding in mouse brain was studied. Binding sites with high affinity and specificity for [3H]QNB were present in P2 fraction of mouse brain homogenate. The ratio of specific/nonspecific binding was 3-6. Muscarinic antagonists and agonists displaced specific [3H]QNB binding, while non-cholinergic drugs had negligible affinity. Displacement potencies of [3H]QNB binding to P2 fraction of mouse brain by a group of glycolate esters, synthesized in our institute, correlated significantly with their central anticholinergic potencies.

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