Vol 41, No 7 (July 2020): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

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Nanomedicine and cancer immunotherapy   Pages (879 – 880)
Hai-jun Yu, Bruno G De Geest

Review Article

Nanomedicine-mediated alteration of the pharmacokinetic profile of small molecule cancer immunotherapeutics   Pages (881–894)
Simon Van Herck, Bruno G. De Geest
Reversal of the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment by nanoparticle-based activation of immune-associated cells   Pages (895–901)
Fei-long Qi, Mei-fang Wang, Bo-zhao Li, Ze-fang Lu, Guang-jun Nie, Su-ping Li
Nanoengineered targeting strategy for cancer immunotherapy   Pages (902–910)
Wei-min Yin, Yu-wei Li, Yun-qing Gu, Min Luo
Advanced biomaterials for cancer immunotherapy   Pages (911–927) Open
Fan Yang, Kun Shi, Yan-peng Jia, Ying Hao, Jin-rong Peng, Zhi-yong Qian
Nanomedicines based on nanoscale metal-organic frameworks for cancer immunotherapy   Pages (928–935) Open
Xiao-fang Zhong, Xun Sun
Nanomedicine-based immunotherapy for central nervous system disorders   Pages (936–953)
Sumaira Hanif, Pir Muhammad, Rose Chesworth, Fawad Ur Rehman, Rong-jun Qian, Meng Zheng, Bing-yang Shi
Cancer nanomedicine meets immunotherapy: opportunities and challenges   Pages (954–958)
Qingxue Sun, Xiangyang Bai, Alexandros Marios Sofias, Roy van der Meel, Eduardo Ruiz-Hernandez, Gert Storm, Wim E. Hennink, Bruno De Geest, Fabian Kiessling, Hai-jun Yu, Twan Lammers, Yang Shi
Ex vivo pulsed dendritic cell vaccination against cancer   Pages (959–969)
Yang-zhuo Gu, Xing Zhao, Xiang-rong Song
Harnessing nanomedicine to overcome the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment   Pages (970–985) Open
Bo Sun, Hyesun Hyun, Lian-tao Li, Andrew Z Wang
Engineering nanomedicines through boosting immunogenic cell death for improved cancer immunotherapy   Pages (986–994) Open
Jing Gao, Wei-qi Wang, Qing Pei, Megan S. Lord, Hai-jun Yu


Comparing the immunogenicity of glycosidase-directed resiquimod prodrugs mediated by cancer cell metabolism   Pages (995–1004)
Austin T Ryan, Anunay J Pulukuri, Maryam Davaritouchaee, Armina Abbasi, Aaron T Hendricksen, Larissa K Opp, Anthony J Burt, Amy E Nielsen, Rock J Mancini