Vol 39, No 7 (July 2018): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (Special Feature on Circulating Biomarkers for Cardiovascular Diseases)

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Influences of Ivabradine treatment on serum levels of cardiac biomarkers sST2, GDF-15, suPAR and H-FABP in patients with chronic heart failure   Pages (1189–1196) Open
Peter JIRAK, Dzeneta FEJZIC, Vera PAAR, Bernhard WERNLY, Rudin PISTULLI, Ilonka ROHM, Christian JUNG, Uta C HOPPE, P Christian SCHULZE, Michael LICHTENAUER, Atilla YILMAZ, Daniel KRETZSCHMAR
Inverse changes in plasma tetranectin and titin levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a potential predictor of acute myocardial infarction?   Pages (1197–1207) Open
Mohd Aizat Abdul RAHIM, Zubaidah Haji Abdul RAHIM, Wan Azman WAN AHMAD, Marina Mohd BAKRI, Muhammad Dzafir ISMAIL, Onn Haji HASHIM
Plasma miR-451 with echocardiography serves as a diagnostic reference for pulmonary hypertension   Pages (1208–1216) Open
Xiao-wei SONG, Lu-lu ZOU, Ling CUI, Song-hua LI, Yong-wen QIN, Xian-xian ZHAO, Qing JING
Chip-based digital PCR as a novel detection method for quantifying microRNAs in acute myocardial infarction patients   Pages (1217–1227)
Samuel ROBINSON, Marie FOLLO, David HAENEL, Maximilian MAULER, Daniela STALLMANN, Lukas Andreas HEGER, Thomas HELBING, Daniel DUERSCHMIED, Karlheinz PETER, Christoph BODE, Ingo AHRENS, Marcus HORTMANN
Predicting functional outcome of ischemic stroke patients in Romania based on plasma CRP, sTNFR-1, D-Dimers, NGAL and NSE measured using a biochip array   Pages (1228–1236)
Adina HUȚANU, Mihaela IANCU, Rodica BĂLAȘA, Smaranda MAIER, Minodora DOBREANU
Apolipoprotein J as a predictive biomarker for restenosis after carotid endarterectomy: a retrospective study   Pages (1237–1242)
Anastasios MASKANAKIS, Nikolaos PATELIS, Georgios KARAOLANIS, Spyridon DAVAKIS, Dimitrios SCHIZAS, Des-pina PERREA, Chris KLONARIS, Sotirios GEORGOPOULOS, Theodoros LIAKAKOS, Chris BAKOYIANNIS
Associations between serum relaxin 2, aneurysm formation/size and severity of atherosclerosis: a preliminary prospective analysis   Pages (1243–1248)
Konstantinos PAPOUTSIS, Alkistis KAPELOUZOU, Diamantis I TSILIMIGRAS, Nikolaos PATELIS, Georgios KOU-VELOS, Dimitrios SCHIZAS, Ioannis KARAVOKYROS, Sotirios GEORGOPOULOS

Review Article

miRNAS in cardiovascular diseases: potential biomarkers, therapeutic targets and challenges   Pages (1073–1084) Open
Shan-shan ZHOU, Jing-peng JIN, Ji-qun WANG, Zhi-guo ZHANG, Jonathan H FREEDMAN, Yang ZHENG, Lu CAI
The circulating non-coding RNA landscape for biomarker research: lessons and prospects from cardiovascular diseases   Pages (1085–1099)
Ewa STĘPIEŃ, Marina C COSTA, Szczepan KURC, Anna DROŻDŻ, Nuno CORTEZ-DIAS, Francisco J ENGUITA
Circular noncoding RNAs as potential therapies and circulating biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases   Pages (1100–1109)
Ahmed S BAYOUMI, Tatsuya AONUMA, Jian-peng TEOH, Yao-liang TANG, Il-man KIM
Non-coding RNAs as biomarkers for acute myocardial infarction   Pages (1110–1119)
Chen WANG, Qing JING
Zinc deficiency and cellular oxidative stress: prognostic implications in cardiovascular diseases   Pages (1120–1132) Open
Sangyong CHOI, Xian LIU, Zui PAN
Current and future circulating biomarkers for cardiac amyloidosis   Pages (1133–1141)
Role of oxylipins in cardiovascular diseases   Pages (1142–1154)
Mohammed A NAYEEM
Heart-type fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP) as a biomarker for acute myocardial injury and long-term post-ischemic prognosis   Pages (1155–1163)
Xiao-dong YE, Yi HE, Sheng WANG, Gordon T WONG, Michael G IRWIN, Zhengyuan XIA
Cytokines as biomarkers of inflammatory response after open versus endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms: a systematic review   Pages (1164–1175)
Diamantis I TSILIMIGRAS, Fragiska SIGALA, Georgios KARAOLANIS, Ioannis NTANASIS-STATHOPOULOS, Eleftherios SPARTALIS, Michael SPARTALIS, Nikolaos PATELIS, Alexandros PAPALAMPROS, Chandler LONG, Demetrios MORIS
Leptin, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes mellitus   Pages (1176–1188)


Circulating biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases: the beats never stop   Pages (1065–1067)
Lei XI, George KOUVELOS, Nazareno PAOLOCCI


Multiplex biomarker approach to cardiovascular diseases   Pages (1068–1072)
Michaela ADAMCOVA, Fedor SIMKO