Vol 19, No 4 (July 1998): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Photodynamic modulation of cellular function   Pages (297-303)
Zong-Jie Cui, E Keith Matthews

Original Article

Inhibition of fibroblast-like cell proliferation by interleukin-1 blockers, CK-119 and CK-122   Pages (304-308)
Bo Xuan, George CY Chiou
Effect of acetylstrophanthidin on action potential duration and relation with extracellular potassium in sheep isolated Purkinje fibers   Pages (309-312)
Jing-Tian Xie, Wei Chen, Peter M Cunningham, Craig T January
Structure-activity relationship of schisandrins in enhancing liver mitochondrial glutathione status in CCl4-poisoned mice   Pages (313-316)
Siu-Po Ip, Chun-Tao Che, Kam-Ming Ko
A K+ channel-blocking peptide from venom of Chinese scorpion Buthus martensii Karsch   Pages (317-321)
Gong Wu, Dong-Sheng Wei, Fa-Hu He, Guo-Yuan Hu, Hou-Ming Wu
Analysis of electronic structures of physostigmine analogs   Pages (322-326)
Zeng-Jian Hu, Hua-Liang Jiang, Jian-Zhong Chen, Kai-Xian Chen, Ru-Yun Ji
Dual effects of pentobarbital on rat sacral dorsal commissural neurons in vitro   Pages (327-331)
Zhi-Ping Pang, Tian-Le Xu, Guo-Yuan Hu, Ji-Shuo Li
Stimulation of central cholinergic neurons by (-)clausenamide in vitro   Pages (332-336)
Wen-Zhen Duan, Jun-Tian Zhang
Effect of Coriaria lactone on cytosolic free calcium of cultured neurons from rat cerebral cortex   Pages (336-338)
Xiao-Feng Zhu, Xi-Long Zhao, Chang-Geng Zhu, Jin-Xi Wang
Effects of puerarin against glutamate excitotoxicity on cultured mouse cerebral cortical neurons   Pages (339-342)
Li-Ping Dong, Tian-You Wang
Determination of amitriptyline and nortriptyline in human liver microsomes with reversed-phase HPLC in vitro   Pages (343-346)
Yan Shu, Rong-Hua Zhu, Zhen-Hua Xu, Hong-Hao Zhou
Genetic analysis of N-acetyltransferase polymorphism in a Chinese population   Pages (347-351)
Jian-Feng Lu, Xiao-Mei Cao, Zhi-Hai Liu, Wen Cao, Lian-Qing Guo, Hai-Tong Zhuo, Shu-Sen Ling, Ya-Li Chen, Quan Zhao, Wei-Ping Wang, Fang-Qiu Li
Effects of vitamin C on myocardial mitochondrial function and ATP content in hypoxic rats   Pages (351-355)
Gang Luo, Zeng-Zhu Xie, Fu-Yu Liu, Guo-Bin Zhang
Effect of mitoxantrone on DNA polymerase of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells   Pages (356-358)
Li-Jian Xian, Han-Xi Li, Zong-Chao Liu, Qi-Chao Pan
Protective effects of Ginkgo biloba extract against lysophosphatidylcholine-induced vascular endothelial cell damage   Pages (359-363)
Jian-Xiong Chen, Wei-Zhou Chen, Hong-Lin Huang, Lin-Xi Chen, Zhi-Zhong Xie, Bin-Yang Zhu
Effects of amiodarone on cardiac electrophysiology in right ventricular rapid pacing-induced heart failure dogs   Pages (363-368)
Shu-Xian Zhou, Xu-Ming Zhang, Wei Wu, Xiao-Chao Chen
Modulating effect of mitomycin or cisplatin on lymphokine-activated killer cell proliferation and antitumor activity to bladder cancer cell lines in vitro   Pages (369-372)
Zhi-Ping Wang, Da-Shan Qing, Bao-Guang Shi, Yi-Rong Chen, Guo-Dong Liu
Effects of ciclosporin on whole blood chemiluminescence of renal transplant patients   Pages (372-375)
Shu-Yuan Chen, Shi-Ting Liu, Lian-Bing Hou, Zhi-Liang Chen
Effect of procainamide on ultrastructure of blood platelet in rabbits   Pages (376-379)
Lian-Pu Liu, Chun-Wen Shan, Xi-Hong Liu, Huan-Cai Xiao, Shu-Qin Yang
Platelet-released ADP stabilizes PAF-induced rabbit platelet aggregation by stabilizing intracellular calcium   Pages (379-382)
Fu-Xian Yi, Zhao-Gui Guo
Effects of 5-HT released from platelets on thrombin-induced aggregation and ATP release in rabbit platelets in vitro   Pages (383-386)
Bai-Yan Li, Wen-Han Li
Immunosuppressive effects of intravenous self administration of dihydroetorphine on lymphocyte functions in rats   Pages (387-390)
Wei-Ran Wu, Ji-Wang Zheng, Feng-Yuan Li, Ying Li
Effects of nitroquine on ultrastructures and cytochrome oxidase of exoerythrocytic Plasmodium yoelii in rat liver   Pages (390-393)
Xiao-Hong Chen, You-Mei Hu, Ya-Qing Liao, Jin-Xing Ke, Wen-Jun Zhang
Effect of corticotropin on formalin-evoked c-fos expression of spinal cord and receptors analysis in rat   Pages (394-396)
Hai-Di Li, Xi-Cheng Li, Huai-Zhen Ruan