Vol 14, No 6 (November 1993): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

NMDA and non-NMDA receptors mediating nociceptive and non-nociceptive transmission in spinal cord of cat   Pages (481-485)
Xue-Jun Song, Zhi-Qi Zhao
Midazolam pharmacokinetics and electroencephalographic changes in eight Chinese men   Pages (485-488)
Jian-Feng Lu, Mao-Fu Wu, Gang Chen, Bing-Ren Xiang, Deng-Kui An
Characterization and distribution of mu opioid receptors in rabbit cerebellum   Pages (489-491)
Yi-Feng Lu, Gui-Fen Li, Zhi-Qiang Chi
A new alpha 1-adrenergic receptor subtype with low affinity for 5-methyl-urapidil but insensitive to chlorethylclonidine   Pages (492-495)
Geng-Sheng Yu, Qi-De Han, Ming-Zhe Chen
Opioid, calcium, and adrenergic receptor involvement in protopine analgesia   Pages (495-500)
Qiang Xu, Rong-Luan Jin, Yun-Yu Wu
Effects of direct lytic factors from southern Chinese cobra venom on Ca2+ movement in rabbit aorta strip   Pages (500-504)
Ke-Min Chen, Yong-Yuan Guan, Jia-Jun Sun
Effects of quercetin on platelet and reperfusion-induced arrhythmias in rats   Pages (505-508)
Dong Xiao, Zhen-Lun Gu, Zeng-Nian Qian
Whole-cell patch clamp measurements and berberine inhibition of hyperpolarization-activated inward current in rabbit sinoatrial node cells   Pages (509-513)
Xiao-Dong Sun, Li-Ying Hao, Jin-Ming Li, Tian-Hui Chang, Yu-Ping Wang, Yan-Feng Yu, Ke-Yi Zhang
Effects of nicotinamide on cardiac contraction force and slow inward current   Pages (514-516)
Xin-Min Mao, Di-Min Li, Cheng-Ming Zhou, Xiao-Wen Wang, Ke-Jin Zhang
Cardiac electric activity of1-(2-[(6-methoxyl)-naphthylmethyl])-1-methyl-N-piperidinylacethyl-6,7-dimethoxyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline in SHR and WKY rats.   Pages (517-519)
Hui Dong, Zi-Jun Liang, Zao-Chen Yang
Anti-arrhythmic effects of captopril on coronary occlusion and reperfusion periods in pigs.   Pages (520-522)
Wei-Zhong Wu, Ying-Zhen Yang, Pei-Ying Jin, Zhong-Yu Liu, Ya-Chun Zhuang, Wen-Yan Zhuang, Ju-Kang Gu, Yi-Min Gu
Timed dose-response relationship of depressive action of ouabain on toad heart contraction in vitro.   Pages (523-526)
Meng-Ya Wang, Fu-Tong Zhang
Effects of bretylium tosylate on electrophysiologic properties of normal and digitalized papillary muscles of guinea pigs.   Pages (526-528)
Yao-Chun Liu, Ping-Jun Zhu, Zhen-Yuan Li, De-Zhang Yu
Effects of tetrandrine on functions and ultrastructure of alveolar macrophages in smoke inhalation-injured rabbits.   Pages (529-532)
Min Zhang, Yue-Hua Huang, Ao Li, Zong-Cheng Yang
Early treatment of schistosomal infection with praziquantel in mice.   Pages (533-538)
Shu-Hua Xiao, Ji-Qing You, Jing-Yan Mei, Pei-Ying Jiao
Effect of dose of metoprolol on its elimination by isolated perfused rat liver in vitro.   Pages (539-542)
Guo-Sheng Shen, Yin-Di Zhang, Ming-Ya Li, Jian-Ping Shen, Yong Ding, Da-Kuang Huang
Antitumor activity and tumor necrosis factor production of Phytolacca acinosa polysaccharides I in mice.   Pages (542-545)
Jun-Ping Zhang, Ding-Hua Qian
Inhibition of phosphorylation of histone H1 and H3 induced by 10-hydroxycamptothecin, DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor, in murine ascites hepatoma cells.   Pages (546-550)
Yi-He Ling, Bin Xu
Effect of esculentoside H on release of tumor necrosis factor from mouse peritoneal macrophages.   Pages (550-552)
Zhen-Lin Hu, Jun-Ping Zhang, Yang-Hua Yi, Ding-Hua Qian
Fate of methotrexate albumin microspheres after hepatic intra-arterial injection in dogs.   Pages (553-555)
Feng Xu, Yu-Kun Zhu
Antitumor activity and immuno-potentiating actions of Achyranthes bidentata polysaccharides.   Pages (556-561)
Dao-Bin Xiang, Xiao-Yu Li
Synergistic effect of oridonin and cisplatin on cytotoxicity and DNA cross-link against mouse sarcoma S180 cells in culture.   Pages (561-564)
Zhi-Gang Gao, Qi-Xia Ye, Tan-Mu Zhang
Effects of aprotinin in platelet aggregation and cytosolic free calcium in swine platelets.   Pages (565-567)
Cai Huang, Yan-Mei Qin, Nian-Ci Liang
Specific curative effects of nitrosourea drugs on tumor cells with Mer--phenotype in Chinese   Pages (568-571)
Yang-Pei Zhang, Tao He, Jian-Min Chen, Yue-Neng Chen, Hui-Ying Xu, Guo-Cai Fan, Ying Wu
Effect of targeting treatment of mitomycin C immunoconjugate on stomach neoplasm   Pages (572-576)
Ling-Ji Chen, Su-Yin Zhang, Jia-Liu Zhang, Zhou Zhang, Song Li, Min Chen, Xue-Yong Zhang, Xi-Tao Chen