Vol 20, No 6 (June 1999): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Effects of ramipril on cardiac gene transcription levels of angiotensin II receptors after myocardial infarction Pages(481-485)
Yi-chun Zhu, Yi-zhun Zhu, Jun Li, Heiner Schafer, Wolfgang E Schmidt, Thomas Unger, Tai Yao
Huperzine-A in capsules and tablets for treating patients with Alzheimer disease Pages(486-490)
Si-sun Xu, Zheng-yi Cai, Zheng-wang Qu, Ren-min Yang, Yong-liang Cai, Gong-qiang Wang, Xue-qian Su, Xing-sheng Zhong, Rui-yan Cheng, Wei-an Xu, Jian-xin Li, Bin Feng
Leucine-2-alanine enkephalin induced delta opioid receptors internalization expressed stably in CHO cells Pages(491-494)
Chun-he Wang, De-he Zhou, Jie Chen, Zhi-qiang Chi
Recurrent events in meta-analysis of multiple clinical trials Pages(495-499)
Yong Wang, Macus Flather, Salim Yusuf, Yue-he Wang, Lin-xian Li, Zi-can Wang
Effects of low-pH treatment on cAMP second messenger system regulated by different opioid agonists Pages(500-504)
Jing-gen Liu, Ze-hui Gong, Bo-yi Qin
5-HT1P receptor-mediated slow depolarization in neurons of guinea pig inferior mesenteric ganglion Pages(505-508)
Lie-cheng Wang, Sheng-rong Cai, Zhen-xin Huang, Qing-lan Shao, Ru-chun Ma
dl-3-n-butylphthalide improves regional cerebral blood flow after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats Pages(509-512)
Zhao-zhong Chong, Yi-pu Feng
Dauricine suppressed CsCl-induced early afterdepolarizations and triggered arrhythmias in rabbit heart in vivo Pages(513-516)
Jing-sheng Xia, Hong Tu, Zhen Li, Fan-dian Zeng
Anti-arrhythmic effects of sophoridine and oxysophoridine. Pages(517-520)
Hong-mei Zhang, Han-qing Li
High glucose enhances mitogenic response to endothelin-1 in rabbit vascular smooth muscle cells Pages(521-524)
Xun Guo, Wen-lan Liu, Fu-xian Yi, Zhao-gui Guo
Inhibition of myocardial inward rectifier potassium current by propylbutyldopamine Pages(525-528)
Wen Dun, Rong-rui Zhao, Jian-guo Li, Bo-wei Wu
Prophylactic effects of tetramethyl pyrazine on mice with endotoxemia and its relationship with platelet-activating factor Pages(529-532)
Yong Fu, You-mei Hu
Dauricine inhibits redistribution of platelet membrane glycoprotein IV and release of intracellular alpha-granule thrombospondin induced by thrombin Pages(533-536)
Tao Guo, Yan-zhou Zhang, Dong-xu Liu, Ping Zou, Di Shen
Flutamide suppressed prostate hypertrophy in rats and mice Pages(537-540)
Yun-yi Zhang, Pei-fen Li, Bin-ling Chen, Duan Li
Effects of antitumor compounds isolated from Pteris semipinnata L on DNA topoisomerases and cell cycle of HL-60 cells Pages(541-545)
Jin-hua Li, Cheng-wei He, Nian-CI Liang, Li-er Mo, Xiao Zhang
Suppressive effect of kanglemycin C on T- and B-lymphocyte activation Pages(546-550)
Jian-ming Li, Zhi-bin Lin
Anti-inflammatory effects of total saponins of Panax notoginseng Pages(551-554)
Shu-hui Li, Yan Chu
Scavenging effect of chinonin on free radicals studied with quantum chemistry Pages(555-558)
Hong-yu Zhang
Water-retention effect of suberogorgin was due to secretion of antidiuretic hormone in rat Pages(559-562)
Wen-duo Peng
Effect of aerobic exercise and ginsenosides on lipid metabolism in diet-induced hyperlipidemia mice Pages(563-565)
Yan Yang, Tie Wu, Kang He, Zhi-gang Fu
Effect of endothelin-1 injected into rostral ventrolateral medulla on cardiovascular responses in cats Pages(566-570)
Xin-liang Yang, Wei-jun Fu, Gang-xing Hou, Jian-guo Chen
Action of free radical in podophyllic acid piperindyl hydrazone nitroxide radical on its antitumor activity and toxicity. Pages(571-576)
Zheng-ping Jia, Rui Wang, Jing-wen Xie, Li-ting Xu