Vol 20, No 3 (March 1999): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Effect of tetrahydropalmatine analogs on Fos expression induced by formalin-pain   Pages (193-200)
Jiang-yuan Hu, Guo-zhang Jin
Effect of melatonin on production of hydroxyl radical and lactate dehydrogenase during hypoxia in rat cortical slices   Pages (201-205)
Xue-jun Li, Jing Gu, Bai-shen Pan, Feng-yan Sun
Inhibitory effects of melatonin on free intracellular calcium in mouse brain cells   Pages (206-210)
Qing-zhu Zhang, Jun-tian Zhang
Attenuation of scopolamine-induced deficits in navigational memory performance in rats by bis(7)-tacrine, a novel dimeric AChE inhibitor   Pages (211-217)
Hong Wang, Paul R Carlier, Wing-lok Ho, Nelson Tze-kin Lee, Yuan-ping Pang
Population distributions of allele frequency of apolipoprotein E by age and gender in Han Chinese   Pages (218-222)
Jian-gang Zhang, Xiu-zheng Dong, Wei-jun Yang, Qing Lu, Lin He
Efflux transport of [3H]GABA across blood-brain barrier after cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in rats   Pages (223-226)
Yun Zhang, Guo-qing Liu, Xiao-dong Liu, Xiao-qiu Xiao
Effect of basic fibroblast growth factor on focal ischemic injury and antioxidant enzyme activities   Pages (227-231)
Xuan Liu, Xing-zu Zhu, Xin-quan Ji
Effects of agmatine on tolerance to and substance dependence on morphine in mice   Pages (232-238)
Jin Li, Xin Li, Gang Pei, Bo-yi Qin
Alpha-momorcharin inhibits HIV-1 replication in acutely but not chronically infected T-lymphocytes   Pages (239-243)
Yong-tang Zheng, Kun-long Ben
Pharmacokinetics and peripheral platelet counts after a single dose of recombinant human thrombopoietin in rhesus monkeys   Pages (244-248)
Hai-feng Song, Xiu-wen Liu, Zhong-ming Tang
Inhibitory actions of polysaccharide sulfate on action potentials and contraction of papillary muscles in guinea pigs   Pages (249-252)
Yun Tang, Shu-ben Tang, Hai-yan Zhang
Dual effects of tetrandrine on calcium-activated potassium channels in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells   Pages (253-256)
Zhong-feng Wang, Li Kai, Xing-rong Xiao
Relationship between adenosine-induced vascular effects and ATP-sensitive K+ channels   Pages (257-261)
Hua-mei He, Hai Wang, Wen-bin Xiao
Dinoprostone potentiates cytokines and lipopolysaccharides inducing nitric oxide production in cultured rat hepatocytes   Pages (262-266)
Guo-liang Zhang, Zhi-bin Lin
Securinine induced apoptosis in human leukemia HL-60 cells   Pages (267-270)
Ning-zheng Dong, Zhen-lun Gu, Wen-hsien Chou, Chi-yi Kwok
Inhibitory effects of nitric oxide and interleukin-10 on production of tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin-1 beta, and interleukin-6 in mouse alveolar macrophages   Pages (271-275)
Hai-bo Qiu, De-chang Chen, Jia-qi Pan, Da-wei Liu, Sui Ma
Basic fibroblast growth factor enhanced LAK cell cytotoxicities against human bladder neoplasm cells   Pages (276-278)
Zhi-ping Wang, Guo-lan Duan, Yi-rong Chen, Da-shan Qin, Guo-dong Liu
Velvet antler polypeptides promoted proliferation of chondrocytes and osteoblast precursors and fracture healing   Pages (279-282)
Qiu-li Zhou, Ying-jie Guo, Li-juan Wang, Ying Wang, Yong-qiang Liu, Yan Wang, Ben-xiang Wang
Syntheses and biological activities of chiral piperidines-tachykinin NK3 antagonists   Pages (283-288)
Michael H Chen, Fu-zon Chung, Bruce D Roth, Be-sheng Kuo, James Atherton, Helen T Lee