Vol 20, No 2 (February 1999): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Expression of cardiac angiotensin-converting enzyme after myocardial infarction Pages:97-102
Yi-chun Zhu, Mechthilt Falkenhahn, Folker Franke, Rainer Maria Bohle, Harald Martin Stauss, Sergei Danilov, Thomas Unger
Elemene induces apoptosis and regulates expression of bcl-2 protein in human leukemia K562 cells Pages:103-106
Jing Yuan, Zhen-lun Gu
Hypoxia-ischemia altered expression of glutamate transporter EAAT1 in neonatal rat brain Pages:107-111
Feng Tao, Ling-mei Zhang, Feng-yan Sun
Effects of naloxone on l-clausenamide-induced long-term potentiation in dentate gyrus of anesthetized rats Pages:112-116
Shao-lin Liu, Jun-tian Zhang
Nicardipine inhibits N-type calcium channels in dbcAMP-differentiated neuroblastoma x glioma hybrid cells (NG 108-15 cells). Pages:117-120
Sheng-nan Li, Manfred Brater, Klaus Andreas
Effect of manoalide on apoptosis induced by deprivation of growth factors in vascular endothelial cells Pages:121-125
Jun-ying Miao, Satohiko Araki, Hong-wei Zhang, Hitoshi Hayashi
Effect of verbascoside on decreasing concentration of oxygen free radicals and lipid peroxidation in skeletal muscle Pages:126-130
Jing-xiang Li, Dong Xing, Hui Li, Jing-fen Lu, Christopher Wai-chung Tong, Jian-nian Gao, Kai-ming Chan
Molecular modeling on kappa opioid receptor and its interaction with nonpeptide kappa opioid agonists Pages:131-136
Dong-xiang Liu, Hua-liang Jiang, Jing-shan Shen, Wei-liang Zhu, Lei Zhao, Kai-xian Chen, Ru-yun Ji
Effects of hypoxia/reoxygenation and cytokines on adhesion of leukocytes to cerebral microvascular endothelial cells Pages:137-140
Tie-jun Li, Yao-cheng Rui, Jiang-ping Xu
Inhibitory effects of huperzine B on cholinesterase activity in mice Pages:141-145
Jing Liu, Hai-yan Zhang, Li-ming Wang, Xi-can Tang
Neuroprotective rather than neurorescue or neurorestorative effect of selegiline against MPTP-induced dopaminergic toxicity Pages:146-150
Wei-ran Wu, Xing-zu Zhu, Han-jun Guang, Ren-gang Wang, Xin-quan Ji
Characterization of subtype of alpha 1-adrenoceptor mediating vasoconstriction in perfused rat mesenteric vascular bed Pages:151-156
Wei-zhong Zhu, You-yi Zhang, Qi-de Han
Regulatory role of protein tyrosine phosphorylation in platelet activating factor-induced signal transduction in platelets Pages:157-161
Shang Zeng, Fu-xian Yi, Zhao-gui Guo
Cardioprotective effect of bradykinin-induced preconditioning mediated by calcitonin gene-related peptide in isolated rat heart Pages:162-166
Qiu-jing Song, Yuan-jian Li, Han-wu Deng
Effect of dexamethasone on cardiovascular response induced by norepinephrine in nucleus tractus solitarii Pages:167-170
Ming Ou-yang, Guang-hui Ge, Shao Wang
Effects of dexamethasone, cyproheptadine, anisodamine, and dinoprostone on TNF alpha production in endotoxic shock Pages:171-174
Li-zan Wang, Yu-qin Liu, Yun-he Cui, Fan-he Zhu, Bao-sheng Wang, Ning Lun
Effect of recombinant human fibronectin polypeptide CH50 on growth and metastasis of melanoma Pages:175-178
Qu Fan, Zuo-hua Feng, Gui-mei Zhang, Hui Zhang, Hui-qing Cao
Effects of dexamethasone on intracellular Ca2+ in its sensitive cells from neonatal mouse hippocampus and cultured cortical neurogliocytes Pages:179-184
Yu Wang, Jin-xi Wang, Hai-dong Huang, Hong-yi Wang, Xiao-ning Zhao, Zu-xuan Zhang
Prophylactic effect of methylene blue against neurotoxicity of sodium nitroprusside Pages:185-187
Yu-xia Wang, Jun Sun, Man-ji Sun
Effect of corticotrophin on formaldehyde-induced somatostatin of spinal cord in rats Pages:188-192
Qiang Wu, Xi-cheng Li, Huai-zhen Ruan, Hai-di Li, Bang-yun Zhao