Vol 17, No 5 (September 1996): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Oxytocin-stimulated insulin release in a clonal beta-cell line RINm5F: involvement of phospholipase C-dependent and -independent pathways   Pages (390-394)
Bumsup Lee, Ter-Hsin Chen, Walter H Hsu
Modification of an ion-paired high pressure liquid chromatography for ticarcillin in human serum   Pages (395-398)
Zhu Zhu, Da-Wei Xuan, Charles H Nightingale
Inhibition of imipramine N-demethylation by fluvoxamine in Chinese young men   Pages (399-402)
Zhen-Hua Xu, Song-Lin Huang, Hong-Hao Zhou
Doxorubicin cellular pharmacokinetics plays no role in chemosensitizing effect of verapamil on Swiss-3T3 cells   Pages (402-406)
Nan Wang, Zhong-Ming Tang, Yang-Pei Zhang, Qing-Ming Ding
Pharmacokinetics of weekly transdermal estradiol controlled delivery system in postmenopausal Chinese   Pages (407-410)
Guo-Shen Chen, Mei-Yun Zhang, Qiao Wang, Jin-Cui Ye
Diltiazem concentrations in plasma vs PR intervals on electrocardiogram in 8 men   Pages (411-414)
Xiao-Dong Liu, Lin Xie, Bing Zhong, Qun Xu, Li-Biao Luan, Guo-Qing Liu
Pharmacokinetics of germanium after po beta-carboxyethylgermanium sesquioxide in 24 Chinese volunteers   Pages (415-418)
Qi-Cai Long, Gui-Xiong Zeng, Xiang-Lan Zhao
Inhibitory effects of dextromethorphan on c-fos protein expression during focal cerebral ischemia in rats   Pages (418-420)
Wei-Li Bao, Shi-Duo Chen, Jie-Shi Cheng, An-Zhong Zhang
Analgesic activity and selectivity for opioid receptors of enantiomers of ohmefentanyl   Pages (421-424)
Wen-Qiao Jin, Zhi-Xian Wang, Jie Chen, Xin-Jian Chen, Zhi-Qiang Chi
Direct evidence for histamine H3 receptor-mediated inhibition of norepinephrine release from sympathetic terminals of guinea pig myocardium   Pages (425-428)
Xiao-Xing Luo, Ai-Dong Wen, Zhi-An Guo, Yue-Hua Tan
Effects of HI-6 on muscle acetylcholine receptor: analysis on minimal reaction model   Pages (428-431)
Hou-Chang Chen, Dun-Yan Bai, Yi-Ping Jiang
Bepridil reducing levothyroxine-induced enhancement of mitochondria Ca2+ Mg(2+)-ATPase activity in rat cerebrum   Pages (432-434)
Ding-Ding Chen, De-Zai Dai, Yong-Xin Chu
Effects of dopexamine on heart function of isolated hypoxic rabbit heart and in comparison with fenoldopam and procaterol   Pages (435-438)
Fu-Zhong Qin, Wen-Duo Wang, Rong-Rui Zhao
Effects of sodium pentobarbital on electric and mechanical activities of guinea pig papillary muscle   Pages (439-441)
Yi Zhang, Shuang-Zhen Gu, Yong-Chang Hao, Li-Lin Song, Shu-Mei Guo, Shen-Gui Lu
Effects of quercetin on production and release of endothelin and cGMP from cultured endothelial cells   Pages (442-444)
Xue-Ying Zhao, Zhen-Lun Gu
Ischemic preconditioning mediated by calcitonin gene-related peptide in isolated rat hearts   Pages (445-448)
Shu-Sheng Xiao, Yuan-Jian Li, Han-Wu Deng
Effect of captopril on intracellular pH in vascular smooth muscle cells   Pages (448-450)
Jian-Hua Qi, Lu Zhang, Jun Wang, Pei-Kun Gu, Zheng-Jun Jin, Ming-Zhi Huang, Xin-Ming Wang
Assay of ditiocarb sodium and its methyl ester in mouse plasma by column-switching HPLC   Pages (451-454)
Xue-Bin Tao, Wan-Hai Li
Synergistic effect of counterregulatory hormones during insulin-induced hypoglycemia in rats: participation of lipolysis and gluconeogenesis to hyperglycemia   Pages (455-459)
Helenir M. Souza, Naomi S. Hell, Gisele Lopes, Roberto B. Bazotte
Exacerbation of cold restraint-induced gastric ulcer by GABA in mice   Pages (460-462)
Xiang-Gui Xu, Jian-Qin Zhu, Qin Lu
Characteristics of harringtonine-resistant human leukemia HL60 cell   Pages (463-467)
Qi-Yang He, Wei-Dong Zhou, Lin Ji, Hong-Qing Zhang, Nong-Gao He, Shao-Bai Xue
Oxidized low-density lipoproteins induce apoptosis in macrophages   Pages (467-470)
Xi-Lin Niu, Xiu-Wu Zhang, Zhao-Gui Guo
Correlation between expression of mdr-1 gene and oncogenes in human promyelocytic leukemic HL60 cell line and sublines.   Pages (471-473)
Wei-Dong Zhou, Hong-Qing Zhang, Min Fang, Shao-Bai Xue
DNA damage induced by fotemustine in cultured HL60 cells   Pages (474-477)
Jiang Shou, Xing-Wan Feng
Blockade of (+/-) 12-chloroscoulerine on feed-back regulation of dopamine D2 autoreceptors   Pages (477-480)
Li-Juan Chen, Xue-Xiang Zhang, Xin Guo