Vol 17, No 4 (July 1996): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Rat renal alpha 1-adrenoceptor subtypes: characterization, function, and regulation Pages:289-292
Rainer Buscher, Frank Verfurth, Husheng Chen, Ming Yang, Thomas Philipp, Martin C. Michel

Original Article

Saponin contents and anticarcinogenic effects of ginseng depending on types and ages in mice Pages:293-298
Taik-Koo Yun, Yun-Sil Lee, Hee-Young Kwon, Kang-Ju Choi
Facilitatory effect of huperzine-A on mouse neuromuscular transmission in vitro Pages:299-301
Jia-Hui Lin, Guo-Yuan Hu, Xi-Can Tang
Involvement of intracellular Ca2+ stores in 3,4-diaminopyridine-evoked [3H]norepinephrine release. Pages:302-305
Hua-Yu Huang, Cheng-Wen Zhou
Effects of methylflavonolamine on free intracellular calcium in isolated embryonic rat brain cells Pages:305-308
Wen-Zhen Duan, Yun-Zhao Tang
Effects of nimodipine on acute cerebral ischemia and reperfusion injury of rats Pages:309-310
Mei-Xia He, Jun Ke, Zhi-Gang Li, Fang-Zhou Liu
Effect of (-)-stepholidine on serum prolactin level of female rats Pages:311-314
Ling-Long Zou, Yi Chen, Yun-Yang Song, Guo-Zhang Jin
Anxiogenic effect of naltrexone in social interaction test in rats Pages:314-317
Han-Xia Zhang, Zhi-Ming Xu, Zhi-Pu Luo, Bo-Yi Qin
Effects of beta-carotene on doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in rats Pages:317-320
Huan-Zhang Lv, Bao-Qin Geng, Yong-Lian Zhu, Ding-Guo Yong
Antagonistic effects of dipfluzine, flunarizine, and cinnarizine on 5-hydroxytryptamine-evoked contraction in pig basilar artery Pages:321-323
Yong-Hong Zhu, Yong-Li Wang, Xiao-Ping Yang
Effects of m-nisoldipine on aortic calcium accumulation in rats with vascular calcium overload Pages:323-328
An-Yang Sun, Zao-Chen Yang, Ci-Sheng Zhong, Ming-Hua Jiang, Zhang Yu, Yong-Ming Wang
Inhibitory effect of tetrahydropalmatine on calcium current in isolated cardiomyocyte of guinea pig. Pages:329-331
Chun Xu, Ming-Zhi Sun, Yu-Rong Li, Bao-Feng Yang, Li-Juan Wang, Jin-Min Li
Effect of sodium glycyrrhetinate on neonatal rat myocardial cells Pages:331-333
Xiao-Wei Zhu, Fu-Min Meng
Effect of quercetin on platelet aggregation induced by oxyradicals. Pages:334-336
Mei-Lin Xie, Qun Lu, Zhen-Lun Gu
Preventive and therapeutic effects of nitrendipine on hypoxic right ventricular hypertrophy. Pages:337-340
Zeng-Zhu Xie, Fu-Yu Liu, Shi-Jun Wang, Qiang Wang, Yu-Fu Qiu
Protective effect of hyperin against myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury. Pages:341-344
Wei-Qun Wang, Chuan-Geng Ma, Shu-Yun Xu
Inhibitory effects of ONO-3708 and S-145 on shape change and aggregation of rabbit platelets induced by STA2. Pages:345-348
Bai-Yan Li, Guo-Fen Qiao, Jian-Ping Sun, Yun-Rui Gao, Wen-Han Li
Protective effects of tetrandrine on CCl4-injured hepatocytes. Pages:348-350
Xiao-Hong Chen, You-Mei Hu, Ya-Qin Liao
Effect of matrine on lipopolysaccharides/D-galactosamine-induced hepatitis and tumor necrosis factor release from macrophages in vitro. Pages:351-353
Zhen-Lin Hu, Jun-Ping Zhang, Xiang-Tong Yu, Wen Lin, Ding-Hua Qian
Effects of tyrphostins on activity of casein kinase II from rat liver Pages:353-356
Cai Huang, Tie-Bang Kang, Nian-Ci Liang
Intracellular Ca2+ during fertilization and artificial activation in mouse oocytes. Pages:357-360
Man-Qi Deng, Bi-Qin Fan
Synergistic effects on pregnancy-termination activity of DL111-IT in combination with mifepristone Pages:361-365
Bo Yang, Rui-Ying Fang
SK&F 105494, a V2-vasopressin receptor antagonist, blocks oxytocin receptors in porcine myometrium Pages:365-368
Hai Yu, Walter H Hsu
Inhibitory effect of suberogorgin on acetylcholinesterase. Pages:369-372
Wen-Duo Peng, Shi-Bo Xu, Xun Peng
Kindling of rat epilepsy by intracerebroventricular injection of norfloxacin and ultrastructural changes of brain Pages:373-375
Yuan-Shu Qian, Jie Lu, Zhong-Sun Huang, Wei-Zheng Fan, Chen Xu, Yong Chen
Absorption, tissue distribution, and excretion of zinc acexamate in rats Pages:375-378
Jing-Fu Wu, Min-Wei Wang, Lian-Sheng Song, Zhi-Fang Liu
Effects of oxymatrine on arrhythmia in dogs with myocardial infarction Pages:379-382
Jian-Xin Zeng, Hong-Yu Cao, Qing Li, Zhi Xu, Zhi-Bin Guo
Antagonism of l-stepholidine against bromocriptine-inhibition on prolactin level in lactational rats Pages:382-384
Chun-Lai You, Zhao-Feng Han, Yu-Shu Qu, Yi-Ming Wang