Vol 17, No 4 (July 1996): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Rat renal alpha 1-adrenoceptor subtypes: characterization, function, and regulation Pages(289-292)
Rainer Buscher, Frank Verfurth, Husheng Chen, Ming Yang, Thomas Philipp, Martin C. Michel

Original Article

Saponin contents and anticarcinogenic effects of ginseng depending on types and ages in mice Pages(293-298)
Taik-Koo Yun, Yun-Sil Lee, Hee-Young Kwon, Kang-Ju Choi
Facilitatory effect of huperzine-A on mouse neuromuscular transmission in vitro Pages(299-301)
Jia-Hui Lin, Guo-Yuan Hu, Xi-Can Tang
Involvement of intracellular Ca2+ stores in 3,4-diaminopyridine-evoked [3H]norepinephrine release. Pages(302-305)
Hua-Yu Huang, Cheng-Wen Zhou
Effects of methylflavonolamine on free intracellular calcium in isolated embryonic rat brain cells Pages(305-308)
Wen-Zhen Duan, Yun-Zhao Tang
Effects of nimodipine on acute cerebral ischemia and reperfusion injury of rats Pages(309-310)
Mei-Xia He, Jun Ke, Zhi-Gang Li, Fang-Zhou Liu
Effect of (-)-stepholidine on serum prolactin level of female rats Pages(311-314)
Ling-Long Zou, Yi Chen, Yun-Yang Song, Guo-Zhang Jin
Anxiogenic effect of naltrexone in social interaction test in rats Pages(314-317)
Han-Xia Zhang, Zhi-Ming Xu, Zhi-Pu Luo, Bo-Yi Qin
Effects of beta-carotene on doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in rats Pages(317-320)
Huan-Zhang Lv, Bao-Qin Geng, Yong-Lian Zhu, Ding-Guo Yong
Antagonistic effects of dipfluzine, flunarizine, and cinnarizine on 5-hydroxytryptamine-evoked contraction in pig basilar artery Pages(321-323)
Yong-Hong Zhu, Yong-Li Wang, Xiao-Ping Yang
Effects of m-nisoldipine on aortic calcium accumulation in rats with vascular calcium overload Pages(323-328)
An-Yang Sun, Zao-Chen Yang, Ci-Sheng Zhong, Ming-Hua Jiang, Zhang Yu, Yong-Ming Wang
Inhibitory effect of tetrahydropalmatine on calcium current in isolated cardiomyocyte of guinea pig. Pages(329-331)
Chun Xu, Ming-Zhi Sun, Yu-Rong Li, Bao-Feng Yang, Li-Juan Wang, Jin-Min Li
Effect of sodium glycyrrhetinate on neonatal rat myocardial cells Pages(331-333)
Xiao-Wei Zhu, Fu-Min Meng
Effect of quercetin on platelet aggregation induced by oxyradicals. Pages(334-336)
Mei-Lin Xie, Qun Lu, Zhen-Lun Gu
Preventive and therapeutic effects of nitrendipine on hypoxic right ventricular hypertrophy. Pages(337-340)
Zeng-Zhu Xie, Fu-Yu Liu, Shi-Jun Wang, Qiang Wang, Yu-Fu Qiu
Protective effect of hyperin against myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury. Pages(341-344)
Wei-Qun Wang, Chuan-Geng Ma, Shu-Yun Xu
Inhibitory effects of ONO-3708 and S-145 on shape change and aggregation of rabbit platelets induced by STA2. Pages(345-348)
Bai-Yan Li, Guo-Fen Qiao, Jian-Ping Sun, Yun-Rui Gao, Wen-Han Li
Protective effects of tetrandrine on CCl4-injured hepatocytes. Pages(348-350)
Xiao-Hong Chen, You-Mei Hu, Ya-Qin Liao
Effect of matrine on lipopolysaccharides/D-galactosamine-induced hepatitis and tumor necrosis factor release from macrophages in vitro. Pages(351-353)
Zhen-Lin Hu, Jun-Ping Zhang, Xiang-Tong Yu, Wen Lin, Ding-Hua Qian
Effects of tyrphostins on activity of casein kinase II from rat liver Pages(353-356)
Cai Huang, Tie-Bang Kang, Nian-Ci Liang
Intracellular Ca2+ during fertilization and artificial activation in mouse oocytes. Pages(357-360)
Man-Qi Deng, Bi-Qin Fan
Synergistic effects on pregnancy-termination activity of DL111-IT in combination with mifepristone Pages(361-365)
Bo Yang, Rui-Ying Fang
SK&F 105494, a V2-vasopressin receptor antagonist, blocks oxytocin receptors in porcine myometrium Pages(365-368)
Hai Yu, Walter H Hsu
Inhibitory effect of suberogorgin on acetylcholinesterase. Pages(369-372)
Wen-Duo Peng, Shi-Bo Xu, Xun Peng
Kindling of rat epilepsy by intracerebroventricular injection of norfloxacin and ultrastructural changes of brain Pages(373-375)
Yuan-Shu Qian, Jie Lu, Zhong-Sun Huang, Wei-Zheng Fan, Chen Xu, Yong Chen
Absorption, tissue distribution, and excretion of zinc acexamate in rats Pages(375-378)
Jing-Fu Wu, Min-Wei Wang, Lian-Sheng Song, Zhi-Fang Liu
Effects of oxymatrine on arrhythmia in dogs with myocardial infarction Pages(379-382)
Jian-Xin Zeng, Hong-Yu Cao, Qing Li, Zhi Xu, Zhi-Bin Guo
Antagonism of l-stepholidine against bromocriptine-inhibition on prolactin level in lactational rats Pages(382-384)
Chun-Lai You, Zhao-Feng Han, Yu-Shu Qu, Yi-Ming Wang