Vol 16, No 6 (November 1995): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Differences of desensitization and hypersensitization between alpha 1A- and alpha 1B-adrenoceptors in rat isolated blood vessels Pages:481-484
Er-dan DONG, Qi-de HAN
Effects of ONO-1078, a leukotriene antagonist, on cardiovascular responses induced by vagal stimulation, capsaicin, and substance P in guinea pigs Pages:485-488
Er-qing WEI, Xiao-hua XIN, Yao-chen WANG, Li-ping CHEN, Li-fen ZHANG, Ru-lian BIAN
Nicardipine enhances cytoplasmic calcium concentration in mouse thymocytes in vitro Pages:489-492
Wei-ru CHEN, Fa LIU, Ying-jin FENG, Jun-tian ZHANG
Effects of 3-morpholinosydnonimine-N-ethylcarbamide on hypoxia-induced mechanical and electric responses of isolated pig coronary artery Pages:493-496
Xiao-ping YANG, Fu-xu WANG, De-cheng REN, Shi-chen LU, Shao-xuan FU, Yun-shan LI
Augmentation of dopamine release by (-)-stepholidine from rabbit and rat caudate slices Pages:497-501
Zhao-jun DONG, Guo-zhang JIN, Hua-yu HUANG
Effects of isoprenaline on delayed rectifier potassium current in isolated guinea pig ventricular myocytes Pages:502-504
Yi CUI, De-hua ZHAO
Protective effect of preconditioning on ischemic heart and characterization of adenosine receptors in ischemic rabbit hearts Pages:505-508
Yu-long LI, Rui-rong HE
Protein kinase C inhibitor H-7 blocks effects of tumor necrosis factor on bone cells Pages:509-511
Tang-ming WU, Jun-ping ZHANG, Zhen-lin HU, Ding-hua QIAN
Effect of 5-HT on pain modulation of substance P in spinal cord of rats Pages:512-516
Huai-zhen RUAN, Xi-cheng LI, Wen-qin CAI
Antiulcer effect of diltiazem in rats Pages:517-520
Ding-guo YONG, Bao-qing GENG, Yang LI, Sheng BI
Nicotinic currents of cultured rat superior cervical ganglion neurons and use-dependent block by mecamylamine Pages:520-523
Qing -song LIU, Xiang-ping HE, Chuan-gui LIU
Inhibition of sodium artesunate on rat erythrocyte membrane Na(+)-K(+)-exchanging ATPase in vitro Pages:524-526
Jing-yan WANG, Li-zhen YUAN, Ming-dao WANG
Antagonistic effect of oleanolic acid on anaphylactic shock Pages:527-530
Li-rong ZHANG, Tong-xun MA
Mutagenic effects of bimolane Pages:531-533
Sen-qing CHEN, Kai-xian XUE, Jian-zhong WU, Guo-jian MA