Vol 13, No 2 (March 1992): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Prediction of N-acetylprocainamide disposition kinetics in rat by combination of gamma variate and physiological pharmacokinetic model   Pages (97-103)
Xiao-Dong Liu, Ning Deng, Sheng-Kai Huang
Antagonism of l-stepholidine on D2 receptor-mediated inhibition of synaptosomal adenylate cyclase in rat corpus striatum   Pages (104-110)
Gang Hu, Ying Hu, Guo-Zhang Jin
Pharmacokinetics and relative bioavailability of ofloxacin tablets in 12 healthy volunteers   Pages (110-112)
Yong Diao, Liang Li, Guo-Hua Zhou, Ying Cheng
Anti-shock effect of cyproheptadine in rabbit   Pages (113-115)
Qing-Zhu Zhang, Xiu-Zhen Ling, Li-Zan Wang, Chun-Fen Zhang, Gui-Fang Hu
Cardiovascular effects of intracerebral injection of neuropeptide Y in rats   Pages (116-118)
Shao-Nian Yang, Wei Yang, Yu-Huan Tang, Shao Wang
Rate- and voltage-dependent effects of m-nisoldipine on action potential of partially depolarized guinea pig papillary muscle   Pages (118-122)
Rui-Hai An, Rui-Rong He
Effects of m-nisoldipine and nisoldipine on electric activity of human atrial tissue   Pages (123-125)
Xiao-Ping Yang, Rui-Hai An, Rui-Rong He, Ying-Kui Xie, Shao-Xian Liu, Su Liu
Inhibitory effect of rhynchophylline on platelet aggregation and thrombosis   Pages (126-130)
Chang-Xun Chen, Ruo-Min Jin, Yi-Kui Li, Jian Zhong, Leu Yue, Shun-Chao Chen, Ji-Yan Zhou
Influence of methionine-enkephalin on interleukin-2 production and interleukin-2 receptor expression   Pages (131-136)
Si-Xun Yang, Xiao-Yu Li
Effects of copper and selenium on electric parameters of cultured myocardial cells damaged by xanthine-xanthine oxidase   Pages (136-139)
Guo-Gan Zhong, Yan Jiang, Gang Yue, Yun-Yi Li, Xuai-Xia Sun, Wen-Jie Zhang
Effect of dimethyl sulfoxide on cytosolic calcium in cultured rat hepatocytes injured by D-galactosamine   Pages (139-142)
Hua-Ping Liu, Zheng Cong
Effects of caffeine on shuttle, operating behaviors, and brain metabolism in rats   Pages (143-146)
Shu-Zhi Lin, Zheng Shen
Changes of the 5-HT content in hippocampus, midbrain-pons, spinal cord and concentration of blood glucose after intraperitoneal injection of ACTH in rats   Pages (146-149)
Hai-Di Li, Xi-Cheng Li, Bang-Yun Zhao
Inhibition of ohmefentanyl on articular afferent-induced responses of neurons in the spinal lamina X   Pages (150-152)
Kai-Ming Zhang, Huan-Qiao Yang, Zhi-Qi Zhao
Effects of alpha adrenoceptor agonists and antagonists on palpebral fissure and lacrimation in mice   Pages (153-156)
Jian-Hua Qi, Bao-Hua Li
Central analgesic action of calcitonin and its relationship with central monoamine transmitters   Pages (156-158)
Xiao-Li Yang, Yu-Huan Tang, Xiao-Ping Zhao, Shao Wang
Triggered activities induced by cesium chloride and terminated by drugs in cat heart in vivo   Pages (159-163)
Cui-Lan Li, Jing-Tian Xie
Determination of m-nifedipine and its pharmacokinetic study in rabbits by high-pressure liquid chromatography   Pages (163-166)
Ying-Bin Liang, Xiao-Ya Ma, Guo-Jie Wu, Li-Fang Wang, Deng-Ke Liu, Jian-Feng Xing, Geng-Sheng Zhao
Protective effects of tetrahydroprotoberberines on experimental myocardial infarction in rats   Pages (167-171)
Bo Xuan, De-Xing Li, Wei Wang
Effects of trihexyphenidyl on slow action potentials in guinea pig papillary muscles   Pages (171-173)
Bo Jiang, Gui-Qing Zhang, Jun Ke
Cardiovascular effects of kainic acid injected into habenular nucleus   Pages (174-176)
Shao-Nian Yang, Yu-Huan Tang, Shao Wang
Effects of naphthylmethyl isoquinoline on contraction and calcium flux of rabbit vascular strips in vitro   Pages (176-179)
Wei-Zhong Zhu, Yu-Lin Yang
Pharmacokinetic analysis of enterohepatic circulation of piroxicam in rabbits   Pages (180-182)
Huai-Wu Zhou, Jia-Qing Shen, Ming Lu, Wen-Quan Liang, Wu Lin, Wei-Hong Zhao
Lack of mutagenicity and teratogenicity of 16-methylene-17 alpha-acetoxy-19-norprogesterone   Pages (183-186)
Zeng-Hong Tu, Mei-Ying Wang, Xiao-Dong Qi, Wei-Bing Xu, Dong-Hui Xu
Inhibition of photosensitization of morin on DNA synthesis of ascites hepatoma cells   Pages (186-188)
Xiu-Fang Zhou, Rong-Liang Zheng, Ming Huang
Biotin-avidin-ELISA for cytotoxin purified from cobra venom   Pages (189-192)
Mu-Ping Guo, Qing-Chuan Wang, Guang-Fen Liu