Vol 32, No 6 (June 2011): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica(Special Feature:Channelopathy and drug discovery)

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Channelopathies and drug discovery in the postgenomic era   Pages (673-674)
Dayue Darrel Duan, Tong-hui Ma


The ClC-3 chloride channels in cardiovascular disease   Pages (675-684)
Dayue Darrel Duan
Physiological roles and diseases of tmem16/anoctamin proteins: are they all chloride channels?   Pages (685-692)
Charity Duran, H Criss Hartzell
Targeting F508del-CFTR to develop rational new therapies for cystic fibrosis   Pages (693-701)
Zhi-wei Cai, Jia Liu, Hong-yu Li, David N Sheppard
Aquaporin-4: orthogonal array assembly, CNS functions, and role in neuromyelitis optica   Pages (702-710)
Alan S Verkman, Julien Ratelade, Andrea Rossi, Hua Zhang, Lukmanee Tradtrantip
Expression and function of aquaporins in peripheral nervous system   Pages (711-715)
Tong-hui Ma, Hong-wen Gao, Xue-dong Fang, Hong Yang
Maternal-fetal fluid balance and aquaporins: from molecule to physiology   Pages (716-720)
Xiao-yan Sha, Zheng-fang Xiong, Hui-shu Liu, Xiao-dan Di, Tong-hui Ma
Aquaporins in sperm osmoadaptation: an emerging role for volume regulation   Pages (721-724)
Qi Chen, En-kui Duan
TRPM7 in cerebral ischemia and potential target for drug development in stroke   Pages (725-733)
Christine You-jin Bae, Hong-shuo Sun
Calcium-permeable ion channels involved in glutamate receptor-independent ischemic brain injury   Pages (734-740)
Ming-hua Li, Koichi Inoue, Hong-fang Si, Zhi-gang Xiong
Calcium binding protein-mediated regulation of voltage-gated calcium channels linked to human diseases   Pages (741-748)
Nasrin Nejatbakhsh, Zhong-ping Feng
Targeting ryanodine receptors for anti-arrhythmic therapy   Pages (749-757)
Mark D McCauley, Xander H T Wehrens
A role of stretch-activated potassium currents in the regulation of uterine smooth muscle contraction   Pages (758-764)
Iain L O Buxton, Nathanael Heyman, Yi-ying Wu, Scott Barnett, Craig Ulrich
Current understanding of KATP channels in neonatal diseases: focus on insulin secretion disorders   Pages (765–780)
Yi Quan, Andrew Barszczyk, Zhong-ping Feng, Hong-shuo Sun
Activation of human ether-a-go-go related gene (hERG) potassium channels by small molecules   Pages (781-788)
Ping-zheng Zhou, Joseph Babcock, Lian-qing Liu, Min Li, Zhao-bing Gao
Role of the epithelial sodium channel in salt-sensitive hypertension   Pages (789-797)
Yan Sun, Jia-ning Zhang, Dan Zhao, Qiu-shi Wang, Yu-chun Gu, He-ping Ma, Zhi-ren Zhang
Beyond membrane channelopathies: alternative mechanisms underlying complex human disease   Pages (798-804)
Konstantinos Dean Boudoulas, Peter J Mohler
Drug discovery for polycystic kidney disease   Pages (805-816)
Ying Sun, Hong Zhou, Bao-xue Yang
Propofol and arrhythmias: two sides of the coin   Pages (817-823)
Qiang Liu, Ai-ling Kong, Rong Chen, Cheng Qian, Shao-wen Liu, Bao-gui Sun, Le-xin Wang, Long-sheng Song, Jiang Hong

Original Article

Characterization of a critical role for CFTR chloride channels in cardioprotection against ischemia/reperfusion injury   Pages (824-833)
Sunny Yang Xiang, Linda L Ye, Li-lu Marie Duan, Li-hui Liu, Zhi-dong Ge, John A Auchampach, Garrett J Gross, Dayue Darrel Duan
CFTR chloride channel as a molecular target of anthraquinone compounds in herbal laxatives   Pages (834-839)
Hong Yang, Li-na Xu, Cheng-yan He, Xin Liu, Rou-yu Fang, Tong-hui Ma
Pregnant phenotype in aquaporin 8-deficient mice   Pages (840-844)
Xiao-yan Sha, Zheng-fang Xiong, Hui-shu Liu, Zheng Zheng, Tong-hui Ma
Enhanced salt sensitivity following shRNA silencing of neuronal TRPV1 in rat spinal cord   Pages (845-852)
Shuang-quan Yu, Donna H Wang
Nanomechanical analysis of insulinoma cells after glucose and capsaicin stimulation using atomic force microscopy   Pages (853-860)
Rui-guo Yang, Ning Xi, King Wai-chiu Lai, Bei-hua Zhong, Carmen Kar-man Fung, Chen-geng Qu, Donna H Wang