Vol 11, No 2 (March 1990): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Facilitation of arginine-vasopressin analogs on learning and memory in rats Pages:97-100
Ren-yi LIU, Chao LIN, Yu-cang DU
Antagonism of Zn2+ on nootropic action of piracetam in mice Pages:100-102
Tong-jun ZHU, Xing-yan CHEN, Jian-chun PAN, Shi-shan ZHANG
Influence of morphine microinjected into head of caudate nucleus on electric activities of nociceptive neurons in parafascicular nucleus of rat thalamus Pages:103-107
Bai-yan LI, Tun XU
Roles of periaqueductal gray and nucleus raphe magnus on analgesia induced by lappaconitine, N-deacetyllappaconitine and morphine Pages:107-112
Xin GUO, Xi-can TANG
45Ca-uptake, mitochondrial protein bound Ca2+ and ultrastructural distribution of Ca2+ in some brain regions of mice during drug-induced analgesia Pages:112-116
Xiao-ning ZHAO, Zu-xuan ZHANG, Shan-ling SHI, Xin-guang WANG, Ai-zhen YANG, Tian-lun WANG, Wen-fan ZHAO, Meng-jian HUANG, Rong-san CHEN
Potentiation of electroacupuncture analgesia by l-tetrahydropalmatine and its analogues in rabbits Pages:116-119
Gang WU, Jian-wei JIANG, Gen-cheng WU, Xiao-ding CAO
Anti-lipid peroxidation and protection of ginsenosides against cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injuries in rats Pages:119-123
Guo-xiang CHU, Xiu CHEN
Aerobic metabolism of VX and mixed function oxidases Pages:123-126
Feng-hua FU, Man-ji SUN
Inhibitory properties of cycloguanide phenylsulfone on acetylcholinesterase Pages:126-130
Bo-jun YUAN, Bo-yi QIN
Effects of ephedrine on postsynaptic alpha-adrenoceptors and presynaptic beta-adrenoceptors in isolated guinea pig portal veins Pages:130-133
Jian-xin BAO, Bin WANG, Zao-chen YANG
Effects of clonidine and norepinephrine on rabbit pulmonary artery strips with or without endothelium Pages:133-137
Xiu-feng ZHENG, Meng-hui ZHAO, Bin LIN, Lian-gen MAO, Ru-lian BIAN
Ocular hypotensive action of l-stepholidine Pages:137-140
Xiao-ping XIA, Bi-de CHEN, Zhou SUN, Guo-zhang JIN
Effects of benzyltetrahydropalmatine on delayed after depolarization and triggered activity and rabbit His-bundle electrogram Pages:141-143
Wei-xing YAO, Guo-jin XIA, Wei-zhong ZENG, Ming-xing JIANG
Effects of nicotine on action potentials of guinea pig and rabbit papillary muscles Pages:143-146
Qing-shan WANG, Jing-xiang YIN, Tai-feng LIU
Influences of 3,4,5-trihydroxystibene-3-beta-mono-D-glucoside on beat rate and injury of cultured newborn rat myocardial cells Pages:147-150
Su-fang LUO, Chuan-lin YU, Pei-wen ZHANG
Effects of nicardipine on beating rates of cultured myocardial cells Pages:150-153
Jia-cui YANG, Chuan-lin YU
Protective effects of total saponins of semen Ziziphi spinosae on cultured rat myocardial cells Pages:153-155
Xing-jian CHEN, Chuan-lin YU, Ju-fang LIU
Effects of disodium cromproxate on spontaneous beating and action potentials of cultured myocardial cells of neonatal rats Pages:156-158
Ying JIN, Wei-xin WANG
Effects of neferine on heart electromechanical activity in anaesthetized cats Pages:158-161
Gui-rong LI, Jia-qing QIAN, Fu-hua LV
Anti-arrhythmic effects and electrophysiological properties of Ophiopogon total saponins Pages:161-165
Min CHEN, Zheng-wan YANG, Ji-tian ZHU, Zhuo-ying XIAO, Rong XIAO
Effects of copper chloride on electromechanical activities of myocardial cells Pages:166-168
She-tuan ZHANG, Xiao-guang LI, Chuan-hao LIU
Inhibition of guinea pig sperm capacitation, the acrosome reaction and sperm-egg fusion by dl-propranolol in vitro Pages:169-172
Cui-ling ZHONG, Ren-shan GE, Qi-xian SHI
Influence of nicardipine on the morphology, calcium and cAMP level of immune organs in mice Pages:173-176
Wei-ru CHEN, Shi-ping WANG, Yao-yun XIE, Yong-xin YANG, Lan-xin JIN, Fa LIU, Jian CHEN
Uptake and distribution of [3H]praziquantel in Echinococcus granulosus cysts Pages:176-180
Shu-hua XIAO, Hui-liang SUN, Yuan-qing YANG, Pei-ying JIAO, Ji-qing YOU, Hui-fang GUO, Jun-jie CHAI
Antidotal effects of sulfhydryl compounds on acute poisonings by sodium ammonium dimethyl-2-(propane-1,3-dithiosulfate) monohydrate, nereistoxin and cartap Pages:180-184
Bo-jin CAO, Zhi-kang CHEN, Zhi-qiang CHI
Pharmacokinetic study of sodium selenite in low-selenium rabbits Pages:184-187
Xue-ya WANG, Li LI, Jian HAN, Guo-an CUI, Ji-an GUO
A program for analysis of dose-response relationship with logistic model Pages:187-192
Nan WANG, De-hua ZHAO, Bao-heng SHENG