Vol 10, No 5 (September 1989): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

The blocking and partial agonistic actions of jatrorrhizine on alpha-adrenoceptors Pages:385-389
Hong Han, Da-chao Fang
Anti-arrhythmic action of cycloprotobuxine-A Pages:389-393
Yong-xiao Wang, Jin-wen Liu, Yue-hua Tan, Bao-heng Sheng
Prevention of postischemic reperfusion damage on isolated working rat hearts by bopindolol and propranolol Pages:394-398
Xing-zhong Jin, Gui-de Liu
Effects of guan-fu base A on fast response action potentials of papillary muscles of guinea pigs Pages:399-401
Hong-zhuan Chen, Pei-kun Gu, Lu Zhang, Zheng-jun Jin, Wei-zhou Chen
Effects of 2-[p-(dimethylamino) styryl] pyridine methiodide on action potentials of depolarized papillary muscle cells of guinea pig Pages:402-406
Parhat Kerram, Cheng-ming Zhou, Xiao-wen Wang, Ke-jin Zhang
Effects of neferine on transmembrane potentials of guinea pig myocardium Pages:406-410
Gui-rong Li, Xiao-guang Li, Fu-hua Lv
Effects of xylazole on heart rate and blood pressure in conscious dogs Pages:410-414
Yao-fang Rong, Walter H Hsu, Frederick B Hembrough
Inhibitory effect of silybin on the activity of 5-lipoxygenase of the porcine cerebral basilar artery Pages:414-418
Ai-you Lin, Yao-cheng Rui
Effects of dietary K on blood pressure, prostaglandin, and kallikrein in renovascular hypertensive rats Pages:418-421
Hong-yan Zhang, Han-qing Li, Man-wen Lu
Effects of imazodan and dazoxiben on cAMP levels and PGI2 production in cultured bovine aortic endothelial cells Pages:421-424
Yuan-ying Jiang, Kun Long, Min-li Sheng
Immediate type anaphylaxis of streptomycin allergy elicited by streptomycin polymers Pages:424-428
Chang-qin Hu, Jian-xi Zhao, Shao-hong Jin
Influence of total parenteral nutrition on amikacin pharmacokinetics Pages:428-431
Wei-min Cai, Guang-hua Yu, Gang Chen
Assessment of absorption and distribution of artemether in rats using a thin layer chromatography scanning technique Pages:431-434
Ji-rong Jiang, Chong-da Zou, Han-lin Shu, Yan-lin Zeng
Electron microscopic observation of the sporogonic stage of Plasmodium gallinaceum after five antimalarials Pages:434-437
Chang-ren Hu, Pei-hui Chen, Jian ming Chen, Qian Huang
Characteristics of the interaction of lycobetaine with DNA Pages:437-442
Jie Liu, Sheng-li Yang, Bin Xu
Scavenging effects of probimane on active oxygen free radicals by electron spin resonance Pages:443-447
Ning Dan, Xiao-jie Li, Bao-lu Zhao, Tan-mu Zhang, Wen-juan Xin
Influence of laurocapram on ultrastructures of mouse skin and sarcoma 180 membrane Pages:447-449
Jin-xu Zhou, Zhi-qiang Dai, Yue-gui Yu, Jian-yi Xu, Xing-ju Yuan, Xin-li Shen
Effects of 8 antitumor drugs against the growth of human lung adenocarcinoma (LAX-83) transplanted under the kidney capsule of nude mice Pages:450-453
Su-yin Zhang, Yu-hua Shu, Jia-liu Zhang, Zhen-qiang Lin, Chang-wen Xu
Effects of Tremella polysaccharides on immune function in mice Pages:453-457
Dong Xia, Zhi-bin Lin
Influence of aminophylline on immune function of mice Pages:457-460
Fa Liu, Di Bian, Hui-qin Zheng, Rui-fen Cheng
Mechanism of the protective action of kopsinine against hepatotoxicity of carbon tetrachloride Pages:461-464
Wan-yun Huang, Geng-tao Liu
Effects of nortriptyline on the activities of human and rat liver microsome bufuralol 1'-hydroxylase in vitro Pages:465-469
Zhi-guang Tu, Caroline E Seddon, Alan R Boobis, Donald S Davies
Effects of heparin and other chemicals on phosphorylation of phosphatidylinositol in pig erythrocyte membrane Pages:469-472
Nian-ci Liang, Qing-hui Chen
Scavenging effect of EDTA-fluorocarbon microspheres on 210lead Pages:473-475
Xun-cheng Ding, Chun-fang Liu, Jing-wu Dong, Jun Du, Yi-cheng Wang, Xin Huang
Relationship between the effects of praziquantel on mice and rabbits with different intensities of Schistosoma japonicum infection and humoral immunity levels of the host Pages:476-479
Wen-ju Yue, Shu-hua Xiao, Jing-yan Mei