Vol 31, No 8 (August 2010): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Ferulic acid inhibits nitric oxide-induced apoptosis by enhancing GABAB1 receptor expression in transient focal cerebral ischemia in rats   Pages (889–899)
Chin-yi Cheng, Shan-yu Su, Nou-ying Tang, Tin-yun Ho, Wan-yu Lo, Ching-liang Hsieh
Morin exerts neuroprotective actions in Parkinson disease models in vitro and in vivo   Pages (900–906)
Zhen-tao Zhang, Xue-bing Cao, Nian Xiong, Hong-cai Wang, Jin-sha Huang, Sheng-gang Sun, Tao Wang
Intracisternal or intrathecal glycine, taurine, or muscimol inhibit bicuculline-induced allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia in mice   Pages (907–914)
Il-ok Lee, Eui-sung Lim
State-dependent blockade of human ether-a-go-go-related gene (hERG) K+ channels by changrolin in stably transfected HEK293 cells   Pages (915–922)
Wei-hai Chen, Wen-yi Wang, Jie Zhang, Ding Yang, Yi-ping Wang
Magnesium lithospermate B extracted from Salvia miltiorrhiza elevats intracellular Ca2+ level in SH-SY5Y cells   Pages (923–929)
Yi-ching Chen, Tzyy-rong Jinn, Tse-yu Chung, Feng-yin Li, Ruey-jane Fan, Jason TC Tzen
Differential regulations of blood pressure and perturbed metabolism by total ginsenosides and conventional antihypertensive agents in spontaneously hypertensive rats   Pages (930–937)
Ji-ye Aa, Guang-ji Wang, Hai-ping Hao, Qing Huang, Yi-hong Lu, Bei Yan, Wei-bin Zha, Lin-sheng Liu, An Kang
The features of reserpine-induced gastric mucosal lesions   Pages (938–943)
Xiu-juan Ma, Guo-cai Lu, Shu-wei Song, Wei Liu, Zhi-peng Wen, Xiang Zheng, Qian-zhou Lü, Ding-feng Su
Withagulatin A inhibits hepatic stellate cell viability and procollagen I production through Akt and Smad signaling pathways   Pages (944–952)
Qiong Liu, Jing Chen, Xu Wang, Liang Yu, Li-hong Hu, Xu Shen
Geniposide inhibits high glucose-induced cell adhesion through the NF-κB signaling pathway in human umbilical vein endothelial cells   Pages (953–962)
Guang-fa Wang, Shao-yu Wu, Wei Xu, Hong Jin, Zheng-guang Zhu, Zhong-huang Li, Yuan-xin Tian, Jia-jie Zhang, Jin-jun Rao, Shu-guang Wu
AMPK enhances the expression of pancreatic duodenal homeobox-1 via PPARα, but not PPARγ, in rat insulinoma cell line INS-1   Pages (963–969)
Hua Guo, Shui Sun, Xu Zhang, Xiu-juan Zhang, Ling Gao, Jia-jun Zhao
Inhibition of tumors cell growth in osteosarcoma-bearing SD rats through a combination of conventional and metronomic scheduling of neoadjuvant chemotherapy   Pages (970–976)
Xiao-zhong Zhu, Hong-mei Yin, Jiong Mei
Polymorphisms in the HOXD4 gene are not associated with peak bone mineral density in Chinese nuclear families   Pages (977–983)
Hao Zhang, Jin-wei He, Gao Gao, Hua Yue, Jin-bo Yu, Wei-wei Hu, Jie-mei Gu, Yun-qiu Hu, Miao Li Li, Wen-zhen Fu, Yu-juan Liu, Zhen-lin Zhang
A sensitive indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of sarsasapogenin in rat plasma   Pages (984–989)
Jing Wang, Ji-hua Liu, Xu Guo, Jian Zhang, Bo-yang Yu
Novel vehicle based on cubosomes for ophthalmic delivery of flurbiprofen with low irritancy and high bioavailability   Pages (990–998)
Shun Han, Jin-qiu Shen, Yong Gan, Hai-ming Geng, Xin-xin Zhang, Chun-liu Zhu, Li Gan
Imatinib plasma trough concentration and its correlation with characteristics and response in Chinese CML patients   Pages (999–1004)
Qiu-bai Li, Chao Chen, Zhi-chao Chen, Hong-xiang Wang, Yan-lin Wu, Yong You, Ping Zou
Discovery of novel PTP1B inhibitors with antihyperglycemic activity   Pages (1005–1012)
Zhang Liu, Qian Chai, Yuan-yuan Li, Qiang Shen, Lan-ping Ma, Li-na Zhang, Xin Wang, Li Sheng, Jing-ya Li, Jia Li, Jing-kang Shen