Vol 6, No 4 (December 1985): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Physiological disposition of 3-acetyl-3H.3-acetyl-aconitine in mice   Pages (221-224)
Yue-e Wang, Xi-can Tang, Xi-qing Xia
Effects of anisodine on EEG power spectrum, frequency distribution and coherence in rats   Pages (225-227)
De-ming Li, Fu-li Sun, Ling-ling Ning
Effects of intravenous injection of soman on specific binding with 3H.QNB in rat brain homogenates   Pages (227-230)
De-lu Zhao, Shu-qiu Pei, Chuan-gui Liu
Actions of membrane-active drugs on agonist occupation and functional state of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors   Pages (231-236)
Cong Zheng, R Dale Brown, Palmer Taylor
Effects of 5 derivatives of 3-azabicyclo 3,3,1.nonanes on isolated guinea pig ileum myenteric plexus-longitudinal muscle   Pages (236-238)
Da-yuan Wang, Zhi-qiang Chi
Effect of peptide with histidine and isoleucine amide on isolated circular muscle of portal vein of guinea pig   Pages (239-241)
Xiang Wei, Wen-Hsiung Lee, Zao-chen Yang, Haruaki Yajima
Blockade of morphine analgesia by intracerebroventricular or subarachnoid injections of cholecystokinin in rats   Pages (241-244)
Xuan-zhou Ding, Shao-guang Fan, Ji-sheng Han
Effects of alpha-methyldopa on systolic pressure and activities of tyrosine hydroxylase, dopamine-beta-hydroxylase and phenethanolamine-N-methyl-transferase in nervous system of spontaneously hypertensive rats   Pages (244-248)
Liang Ming, B Renaud
Estimation of regional blood flow in animals using 51Cr- and 99mTc-biomicrospheres   Pages (248-251)
Jing-xian Wang, Zhan-jiu Yu, Huai-zhen Jin, Qin-xing Wang, Fu-cai Wang, Ming-gang Yang, Jun Cao, Xi-ying Zhou
Electrophysiological effects of propafenone on fast response action potential of papillary muscle of guinea pig   Pages (251-254)
You-qiu Xu, Yuan-mou Liu, Yan-ai Mei, Ru-biao Gao, Ji-min Xu
Effects of resibufogenin on membrane responsiveness and afterpotential of human and canine myocardial cells   Pages (254-258)
Jing-tian Xie, N Belic, J Mccullough, DH Singer
Effects of pranolium on action potentials of myocardiac cells and on aconitine-induced arrhythmias   Pages (258-260)
Tai-feng Liu, Jian-heng Wei, Zhong-min Wang, Zhen Chai, Xiao-bo Liu, Xiao-gang Gu
Effects of cycleanine dimethobromide on heart conduction system   Pages (260-263)
Jian-fan Shen, Yun-qing Xi, Zi-en Cao, Guo-lou Zhang, Cheng-zheng Fu, Qiao-lan Gao
Hemodynamic effects of higenamine on shock induced by endotoxin in dogs   Pages (263-265)
Xie-nan Huang, Jing-shan Shi, Wei-qun Lu, Guo-xiong Liu
Effects of ascorbic acid on electric activities of Purkinje fibers   Pages (265-267)
Xiao-guang Li, Lin Yang, Xiao-jiang Yu, Geng-sheng Zhao
Effect of the total saponins of Panax notogiseng on contraction of rabbit aortic strips   Pages (267-269)
Yong-yuan Guan, Hua He, Jun-xiu Chen
Long term effects of intravenous infusion of fluorocarbon blood substitute in dogs   Pages (270-273)
Xun-cheng Ding, Bing-sen Wang, Qi-ni Tang, Gen-fa Wang, Yie-qiu Qin, Yun-le Liu
Effects of GABA on gastric ulcers and gastric mucosal barrier in rats   Pages (273-275)
Ding-guo Yong, Bao-qin Geng, GANG-guo Gu
Distribution and retention of 125I-urokinase modified by heparin in mice   Pages (276-278)
Shu-qi Wang, Shu-gui Cao, Yu-hua Cheng
Inhibition of bovine parathyroid hormone-(1-34) on calimycin-induced spontaneous contraction of rat vas deferens   Pages (278-280)
Wu Yang, Xiao-peng Yu, Hui-ying Gao, Zhen-gang Wang
Effect of pyronaridine on ultrastructure of erythrocytic forms of Plasmodium berghei in mice   Pages (280-283)
Li-ju Wu
Effect of praziquantel on ultrastructures of gut epithelia of Clonorchis sinensis   Pages (283-284)
Bing-zheng Li, Tie-cong Liu, Li-jun Deng, Hong-dang Hao, Ya-yuan Zhao, Yan-ni Zhao
Histological observations on schistosomula of Schistosoma japonicum in mouse lung and liver after treatment with praziquantel   Pages (285-287)
Yuan-qing Yang, Hui-zhong Yang, Chao-weI Zhang