Vol 27, No 2 (February 2006): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Beneficial effects of melatonin in experimental models of Alzheimer disease   Pages (129-139)
Yong Cheng, Zheng Feng, Qing-zhu Zhang, Jun-tian Zhang
Recent trends in drug abuse in China   Pages (140-144)
Yu-xia Fang, Yan-bo Wang, Jie Shi, Zhi-min Liu, Lin Lu

Original Article

Neuroprotective effects of stearic acid against toxicity of oxygen/glucose deprivation or glutamate on rat cortical or hippocampal slices   Pages (145-150)
Ze-jian Wang, Guang-mei Li, Wen-lu Tang, Ming Yin
High density lipoprotein 3 inhibits oxidized low density lipoprotein-induced apoptosis via promoting cholesterol efflux in RAW264.7 cells   Pages (151-157)
Pei Jiang, Peng-ke Yan, Jian-xiong Chen, Bing-yang Zhu, Xiao-yong Lei, Wei-dong Yin, Duan-fang Liao
Role of norepinephrine in development of short-term myocardial hibernation   Pages (158-164)
Zuo-lin Fu, Yi-bai Feng, Hong-xia Xu, Xin-ping Zhang, Chun-zhi Shi, Xiang Gu
Ouabain at pathological concentrations might induce damage vascular endothelial cells   Pages (165-172)
Yan-ping Ren, Ruo-wen Huang, Zhuo-ren Lü
Effects of neutral sulfate berberine on LPS-induced cardiomyocyte TNF-α secretion, abnormal calcium cycling, and cardiac dysfunction in rats   Pages (173-178)
Jing Yang, Hua-dong Wang, Da-xiang Lu, Yan-ping Wang, Ren-bin Qi, Jing Li, Fei Li, Chu-jie Li
Effect of resveratrol on L-type calcium current in rat ventricular myocytes   Pages (179-183)
Li-ping Zhang, Jing-xiang Yin, Zheng Liu, Yi Zhang, Qing-shan Wang, Juan Zhao
Thrombin-like enzymes from venom gland of Deinagkistrodon acutus: cDNA cloning, mechanism of diversity and phylogenetic tree construction   Pages (184-192)
Xiang-dong Zha, He-sheng Huang, Li-zhi Zhou, Jing Liu, Kang-sen Xu
MI-QSAR models for prediction of corneal permeability of organic compounds   Pages (193-204)
Cheng Chen, Jie Yang
Relationship between atrial natriuretic peptide-immunoreactive cells and microvessels in rat gastric mucosa   Pages (205-211)
Chun-hui Li, Zong-wei Yang, Zheng-ri Yin, Zheng Jin, De-gang Xing, Lian-hua Piao, Yong-chul Kim, Wen-xie Xu
Effects of orexins on myoelectric activity of sphincter of Oddi in fasted rabbits   Pages (212-216)
Song-tao Li, Xiao-wei Chen, Hong-mei Zhao, Na Li, Jie Yan, Zhi-an Hu
Magnesium lithospermate B ameliorates renal cortical microperfusion in rats   Pages (217-222)
Chun-guang Chen, Yi-ping Wang
C333H, a novel PPARα/γ dual agonist, has beneficial effects on insulin resistance and lipid metabolism   Pages (223-228)
Cheng Xu, Li-li Wang, Hong-ying Liu, Xing-bo Zhou, Ying-lin Cao, Song Li
Effects of astragaloside IV on pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome in vitro   Pages (229-236)
Ming-en Xu, Shang-zhi Xiao, Yong-hong Sun, Yang Ou-yang, Xiao-xiang Zheng
Site-specific conjugation of bifunctional chelator BAT to mouse IgG1 Fab' fragment   Pages (237-241)
Jun Li, Xue-hao Wang, Xiao-ming Wang, Zhao-lai Chen
Inhibition of Bcl-2 expression by a novel tumor-specific RNA interference system increases chemosensitivity to 5-fluorouracil in Hela cells   Pages (242-248)
Sheng-lin Huang, Yi Wu, Hai Yu, Ping Zhang, Xing-qian Zhang, Lei Ying, Han-fang Zhao
Transport of carbamazepine and drug interactions at blood-brain barrier   Pages (249-253)
Jing-jing Sun, Lin Xie, Xiao-dong Liu
Distributive characteristics of Ser49Gly and Gly389Arg genetic polymorphisms of β1-adrenoceptor in Chinese Han and Dai populations   Pages (254-258)
Zhao-qian Liu, Jie Liu, Zhi-hua Xiang, Min-yu Hu, Wei Mo, Lian-sheng Wang, Dong-sheng Ou-yang, Nan He, Dan Wang, Hong-hao Zhou