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Fresh vs aged benzylpenicillin on non-IgE responses in mice

Authors: Lei Zhang, Bin-Yan Chen, Bao-Zhu Shan, Li-Min Yu, Bo-Jin Chen, Yong-Ming Wang


AIM: To study whether or not the freshly prepared benzylpenicillin could induce different non-IgE antibody response from aged benzylpenicillin.
METHODS: Antibody response was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Antigen molecules recognized by antibodies and antigenic cross reactions were tested by hapten inhibition assay.
RESULTS: Isotypes of specific non-IgE antibodies induced by freshly prepared benzylpenicillin were mainly IgM, and then IgG and IgA. Some parts of specific antibodies recognized benzylpenicillin molecule and major parts combined with degraded or transforming products. Isotypes of antibodies responsible for cross reaction were mainly IgG between benzylpenicillin and ampicillin and IgM between benzylpenicillin and piperacillin.
CONCLUSION: Freshly prepared and aged benzylpenicillin induced different non-IgE antibody response.

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