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Effect of quercetin on chemiluminescence of human platelets induced by arachidonic acid

Zhen-Lun Gu, Mei-Lin Xie, Zeng-Nian Qian


Arachidonic acid (AA)-induced platelet chemiluminescence (CL) was measured with a lumiphotometer. Quercetin remarkably inhibited the CL, the IC50 of quercetin was 3 mumol.L-1. When quercetin plus aspirin, which inhibits only cyclooxygenase, was added, the inhibitory rate of platelet-CL obviously increased (P < 0.01). On the other hand, the quercetin had a scavenging effect on superoxide anion radical using alkaline sodium dithionite solution generation. The IC50 was 20.9 mumol.L-1. In addition, superoxide dismutase of 0.1 mg.ml-1 inhibited the platelet-CL by 97.8%, while mannitol, a hydroxyl radical scavenger, only by 43.3% at a concentration of 80 mg.ml-1. These results suggest that the mechanism of the inhibiting AA-induced platelet-CL by quercetin was associated with scavenging the superoxide anion radical directly and with inhibiting the cyclooxygenase.

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