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Effects of Phytolacca acinosa polysaccharides I on immune function in mice.

Hong-Bin Wang, Qin-Yue Zheng, Ding-Hua Qian, Jun Fang, Dian-Wen Ju


Radioactivities of [3H]TdR uptaken by splenocytes and released from [3H]TdR-labeled YAC-1 cell line were measured to determine the degree of lymphocyte proliferation and natural killer (NK) cell activity. Seven days after mice treated with Phytolacca acinosa polysaccharides I (PAP-I) 5-50 mg.kg-1, the NK cell activity, and lymphocyte proliferation induced by Con A 5 micrograms.ml-1 or lipopolysaccharides 10 micrograms.ml-1 were significantly augmented. Splenocytes from mice treated with ip PAP-I 5-50 mg.kg-1 were incubated with Con A 5 micrograms.ml-1 for 24 h to induce interleukin-2 (IL-2) and for 40 h to induce NK cytotoxic factor (NKCF). Radioactivities of [3H]TdR uptaken by CTLL-2 cell line and YAC-1 cell line were used to measure the IL-2 and NKCF activities, respectively. PAP-I enhanced the production of IL-2 and NKCF. These results suggest that PAP-I augments the immunological functions in vivo.

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