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Cardiac responses induced by bradykinin activation of canine ganglial plexus between aorta and pulmonary artery

Bing-Xiang Yuan


To study the function of bradykinin-sensitive cardiac neurons, bradykinin (50 micrograms) was injected into the ganglial plexus between aorta and pulmonary artery (A-PGP) in 33 anesthetized open-chest dogs. Either positive or negative inotropic and chronotropic responses were elicited. Control injections of 0.1 ml saline into A-PGP and injections of bradykinin (50 or 100 micrograms) into the right marginal ganglial plexus did not elicit any cardiac response. After acute decentralization, bradykinin (50 micrograms) was again injected into the same locus of A-PGP. Some positive responses were still induced, while negative ones were completely abolished. These data suggested that bradykinin can directly activate the efferent neurons associated with sympathomimetic activation, and indirectly activate them by stimulation of afferent neurons.

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