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Inhibition of crystallins-induced inflammation in rabbit eyes with five phytogenic compounds

Quan-Sheng Yao, George C Y Chiou


Ocular inflammation was induced by injection of crystallins (lens protein) intracamerally and endotoxin intravitreously into rabbit and rat eyes, respectively, and was measured with fluorophotometry by quantitating the amount of fluorescein which entered into the globe. Five compounds isolated from anti-inflammatory Chinese herbs were studied for their effects on ocular inflammation. It was found that lens protein-induced inflammation was inhibited significantly by the topical instillation of pulegone (0.5%), friedelin (0.5%), and sabinene (1%), but not by dihydrojasmon or naringin at concentrations up to 1%. However, none of these compounds inhibited endotoxin-induced posterior uveitis.

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