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Protective action of ginseng root saponins on hypobaric hypoxic animals

Ge Lu, Xiu-Juan Cheng, Wen-Xue Yuan


When rats were exposed to a hypobaric hypoxic environment (31.25 kPa. 235 mm Hg), the rectal temperature and electrocardiogram activity of the rats decreased. These results were diminished by ginseng root saponins (GRS, ip lOO mg/kg). GRS protected tissues and mitochondrials of brain and heart of mice from hypobaric hypoxic damage and prolonged the survival time of hypoxic mice, but had no effect on adrenalectomized mice. These results indicate that the protective action of GRS on hypobaric hypoxic mice may be related to an effect of GRS on the adrenal gland axis.

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