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Facilitated performance of learning and memory in rats by 3-n-butyl phthalide

Shu-Ren Yu, Nan-Nan Gao, Ling-Ling Li, Zhi-Yu Wang, Ye Chen, Wen-Ning Wang


A rat model of chronic epilepsy was produced by im coriaria lactone twice a week for 3 months. 3-n-Butyl phthalide (ig. 700 mg/kg) or diazepam (ip. 1.5-5 mg/kg) was used to prevent the epileptic seizures. In the present experiment; the effects of coriaria lactone, Ag-1 and diazepam on learning and memory were studied by step-down test and parallel experiments were performed to study the behavior and morphological changes of the hippocampus. It was found that coriaria lactone elicited amnesia and disrupted the acquisition process in the step-down test. Both Ag-I and diazepam antagonized the learning and memory deficits with Ag-I being much stronger than diazepam (p

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