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Effect of (3-phenyl lactic acid on platelet aggregation, thrombosis, and plasma cAMP content

Liang Zhu, Yi-De Shao, Jue-Ying Wang, Dan-Li Lin, Chun-Lu Gu, Yong-He Li, Jian-Guo Gu, Hua-Juan Dai, Ji-Chang Dong, Fen Xue


(+)(3-Phenyl lactic acid (PAL) 0.25-0.5 and 0.85 mg/ml PRP in vitro markedly inhibited rabbit platelet aggreation induced by collagen (18.6 vg/ml PRP) and by ADP (12.8 vmol/ml PRP), respectively. The latter was antagonised by CaCl2 (2.5 mmol/L). PLA 100 mg/kg iv significantly inhibited thrombosis in rats, but 50 mg/kg iv had no effect on thrombosis in rats and on the cAMP content of plasma in rabbits. These results suggest that the effect of PLA on platelet may not be related directly to cAMP.

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