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Inotropic effect of histamine on papillary muscle of guinea pig with right ventricular hypertrophy

Cheng-Jing Zhou, Zhao-Gui Guo


The effects of histamine and its antagonists on guinea pig right ventricular papillary muscle rendered hypertrophy by chronic pulmonary artery constriction were observed. In the HT-I group (hypertrophy 10-15 d), the dose-response (D-R) curves of PT, +dT/dtmax of histamine, compared with CTL-I (age-matched sham-opcrated group), shifted leftward and upward. In the HT-II group (hypertrophy 30-35 d), while the histamine dosages ranged 0.1-1 vmol/L the D-R curves only slightly changed from CTL-II, but remarkably shifted rightward and downward in high concentrations (3-30 vmol/L), showing an augrnentation of response in the early stage and an attcnuation of response in the late stage. The pattern of D-R curves of epinephrine was virtually similar to those of histamine. In the presence of cimetidine, these curves all parallelly shifted to the right; and the biphasic inotropism were still clearly shown.

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