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Autoradiographic distribution of [3H]ohmefentanyl binding sites in rat corpus striatum

Yi-He Yao, Heng Xu, Gui-Fen Li, Zhi-Qiang Chi


Autoradiography and gray level determination revealed that [3H]ohmefentanyl ([3H]OMF) binding sites were decreased by 26+-SD 5% after lesion of mgro-striatal dopamine neurons with 6-hydroxydopamine, and by 53 +-SD 1o% after lesion of striatal neurons with kainic acid. The distribution of [3H]OMF binding sites was similar to that of [3H]DAGO, and showed the characteristics of u opioid receptors. Using gray level determination to estimate the receptor density has the advantages of simplicity and rapidity.

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