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MCPKP-a microcomputer program specialized for pharmacokinetic compartment analysis

Authors: Wen-Jiang Xia, Zhang-Rui Cheng


MCPKP (microcomputcr pharmacokinetic program), an improvepnent or a revision of AUTOAN, is a decision-making pharmacokinetic microcomputer program. It has been edited by IBM-PC FORTRAN 2.0 and ready for use on IBMPC serics of microcomputer with a memory of 256 kB. The mode of data input has been simplified (read in from keyboard or EDLIN on a diskette). Besides the 12 models of AUTO-AN, a three-compartment open model and some other models have been involved. To perform nonlincar least squarcs fit, Leven-berg algorithm was added. MCPKP has an additive subroutine to calculate the secondary parameters according to the needs of the selected model. In order to fit a certain model a new subroutine was presented to determine the initial estimates of the parameters from the results of the stripping. Three typical data sets were used to compare the function of MCPKP with that of AUTOAN. The outputs of MCPKP were comparable to those of AUTOAN.

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