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Efficacies of six antiviral compounds against guinea pig herpes-like virus in vitro

Authors: Zhi-Ming Zheng


Efficacies of FMAU (2'-fluoro-5-methylarauracil). FIAU (2'-fluoro-5-iodoarauracil), FIAC (2'-fluoro-5-iodoaracy-tosine), BVDU [E-5-(2-bromovinyl)-2'-deoxyuridine]. ACV (acyclovir) and PFA (trisodium phosphonoformate) against guinea pig herpes-like virus-394 (GPHLV-394) were studied by using plaque reduction. yield reduction, and cytopathic effect (CPE) inhibition assay. The results of the studies performed in primary guinea pig embryo cell cultures showed that FMAU, FIAU. and BVDU inhibited GPHLV-394 with the corresponding LD50 of 34, 48, and 189 ng/ml. respectively, whereas the LD50 of FIAC, ACV, PFA were 3.9, 280. and 300 vg/ml, respectively. Yield reduction assays were more sensitive than plaque reduction in the antiviral assays and the multiplication curve of GPHLV-394 was defected in the presence of drugs.

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