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Effects of excitating habenula by sodium glutamate on blood pressure and heart rate in rats

Authors: Yun-Ling Gao, Shao Wang


The effects of excited habenula on blood pressure and heart rate in 42 lightly anesthetized, paralyzed and artificially ventilated rats by microinjection of sodium glutamate (0.5 vl/3 min, 10 mmol/L) into habenula were studied. Glutamate stimulation elicited a rise (p<0.01) of arterial pressure and increase in heart rate. But the stimulation of glutamate at the surrounding areas of habenula failed to produce these responses. These results showed that excitation of habenula may elicit an obviously pressor response and tachycardia. The habenular nuclei may play an important role in organization of cardiovascular control by brain.

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