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Schizontocidal effects of oral artesunate on Plasmodium berghei in mice and P knowlesi in monkeys.

Authors: Yun-lin Shi, Guo-fu Li, Jing-hua Zhao, Jun-de Yang, De-ben Ding


To study the blood schizontocidal effect of oral artesunate on P berghei in mice and P knowlesi in monkey.
Effects of artesunate and chloroquine were detected with ""4-day test"" and ""28-day test"" on P berghei in mice and ""7-day test"" on P knowlesi in Macaca mudatta.
The suppressive efficacy of oral artesunate was inferior to chloroquine on P berghei K173 strain but the time for 50% and 90% reduction and the time of clearance of parasitemia was 10-15 h shorter than that of chloroquine. Its curative effect on RC/K173 line was markedly superior to that of chloroquine. Moreover, artesunate showed no cross-resistance with chloroquine, index of resistance I90 was only 1.4. At 31.6, 10.0, and 3.16 mg.kg-1, artesunate and chloroquine oral administrations cured P knowlesi in all monkeys. Recrudescence did not occur in 105 d.
The study of effects of oral artesunate in P berghei/mice and P knowlesi/Macaca mulatta model provided a useful index for clinical trial.

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