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Swelling-activated chloride currents in embryonic chick heart cells

Hua Wang, Yan-Ai Mei, Ming-Ming Wu, Jia-Ting Sun, Han-Qing Zhou, Zhi-Hong Zhang


To characterize a swelling-activated chloride current, I(Cl, swell), in white Leghorn chick heart cells and the effects of chlorpromazine (CPZ) effects.
The patch-clamp technique in the whole-cell configuration was used.
Hyposmotic swelling elicited I(Cl, swell) in white Leghorn chick heart cells. The current amplitude increased from (452 +/- 200) pA to (849 +/- 373) pA with a reduction of osmolarity from 300 mmol.L-1 to 270 mmol.L-1, 4',4-Diisothiocyanostilbene-2,2'-disulphonic acid (DIDS) 100 mumol.L-1 decreased I(Cl, swell) from (1196 +/- 505) pA to (830 +/- 328) pA in hyposmotic solution. In white Leghorn chick heart cells I(Cl, swell) was not induced by CPZ 30 mumol.L-1, which is different from the case of E coli spheroplast.
Swelling-activated chloride current was activated by hyposmotic swelling in white Leghorn chick heart cells. The mechanism for activating the current is different from that of mechanosensitive ion channels of E coli."

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