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Anti-hepatoma activity of taxol in vitro

Jin-Hui Yuan, Xing-Wang Wang, Dan Luo, Yong Xie, Hong Xie


To investigate the in vitro anti-hepatoma activity of taxol against SMMC-7721 human hepatoma cells.
The hepatoma cell growth was measured by MTT-microculture tetrazolium assay. Cell-cycle kinetics and apoptosis were analyzed by flow cytometry and microscopic examination.
Taxol inhibited the hepatoma cell growth in concentration- and time-dependent manners with IC50 of 18.96 nmol.L-1. Marked cell accumulation in G2/M phase and multinucleated cells were also observed after treatment with taxol 10 nmol.L-1. In addition, taxol at 10 nmol.L-1 could induce the apoptosis of hepatoma cells.
Taxol suppresses the growth of SMMC-7721 human hepatoma cells in vitro by causing cell-cycle arrest, aberrant mitosis, and apoptosis of the human hepatoma cells."

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