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Dimethylamiloride-induced differentiation of HL-60 cells

Yun-Yuan Li, Nian-Ci Liang, Li Jiang, Tie Wu, Xiao-Yue Lin


To study the effect of 5-(N,N-dimethyl) amiloride (DMA) on the proliferation and differentiation of HL-60 cells in vitro.
MTT assay to test cytotoxicity; cell staining and NBT reduction to test cell differentiation.
DMA inhibited HL-60 cells growth in a concentration-dependent manner, and IC50 value for 96 h was 31.7 (95% confidence limits: 6.3-57.1) mumol.L-1. DMA also induced granulocytic differentiation in HL-60 cells. The percentage of differentiating cells increased from 6.5% to 70% after DMA 100 mumol.L-1 treatment for 3 d. The differentiating effect of DMA was distinguishable from amiloride, 5-(N-ethyl-N-isopropyl)amiloride (EIPA), and (5-(N-ethyl-N-isopropyl)amiloride (MIA). None among the amiloride, EIPA, and MIA were capable of triggering the differentiation of HL-60 cells.
DMA inhibited the proliferation of HL-60 cells and induced differentiation of HL-60 cells."

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