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A transient increase in CCK mRNA levels in hippocampus following audiogenic convulsions in audiogenic seizure-prone rats

Hong Ni, Zhen-Hua Lu, Shou-Biao Wang, Ming Tang


To examine the effects of a single convulsion and multiple convulsions on cholecystokinin (CCK) mRNA expression in hippocampus of audiogenic seizure-prone rats (P77PMC).
Ringing (electric bell, 100 dB, 60 s) was used to induce convulsions, hippocampal CCK mRNA expression was exhibited by in situ hybridization.
1) The number of CCK mRNA-positive neurons in principal hippocampus of normal rats was 34 +/- 5, which elevated markedly after a single (155 +/- 7, P < 0.01) or multiple convulsions (95 +/- 8, P < 0.01). 2) CCK mRNA levels in multiple consecutive convulsion rats were lower than that in a single convulsion rats (P < 0.01).
The increased number of CCK mRNA-positive neurons in hippocampus may have important functional consequences in convulsion-associated processes."

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